Best San Diego 1.5 day party boat with kids?

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by gfg, Mar 29, 2011.

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  1. gfg

    Hey Fellas -

    Hoping to take my 12 year old son on a 1.5 day trip in the next couple of months out of San Diego.

    We fish 1/2 day boats relatively often and also go out on our tin skiff quite a bit. He's pretty good (ok, so he just walked in on me, read this, and said "c'mon dad, I'm better than pretty good...")


    So which boats do folks recommend?

    Less concerned about type of fish to be caught - care most about going with a boat that has positive, "kid friendly" crew that will help my son have a great first "mini long range" experience that will make him want to keep fishing with his old man (so we can eventually do the 7+ day trips!!!!)
  2. afraser

    I'd recommend going when it won't be as crowded (midweek) and 2 or 2.5 days if you can. That way you will definitely catch something and you won't be combat fishing (as you should have fewer people on the boat). Go midweek if you can and wait until end of june or beginning of July to have better odds. Have him bring enough video games or whatever and you can be sure he won't be bored. A portable dvd player is great. He's 12 so I believe he can use the scopamine patch if he susceptible to seasickness. And cancel if the weather is really up (not worth discouraging him on his first longer trip). Of course, you can still go :). I almost did that myself with my 9 year old last year. Fortunately the weather came down literally the day before the trip.
  3. medunn16

    But you didn't say a boat?

    First String!

  4. Surf doctor

    Hmmm. I started fishing with my son when he was 10. Started with a 1.5 day and this year we are going on a 5-day together. Good advice on bringing enough video games. I have found that the long range boats that have some short trips are a definite advantage due to 1) You can share a stateroom with your son, 2) Crew on the long range boats are really dialed in to customer service, 3) the long range boats tend to have a bigger fishing platform, and comfortable galley.

    Last year we did a 3-day on the Searcher, and the crew was great with Jonathan. They helped him hook baits in the beginning (when I wasn't helping), and then encouraged him to do it on his own. The crews attitude was to help him out and encourage me to fish as well. They wanted us both to have a good time. It was a great trip, and crew and passengers were hooking and handing fish off to him, but he was hooking his own as well.

    Right in the middle of a hot yellowtail bite, after catching three fish more or less back to back, he heads into the galley and plays video games. I was puzzled. He said that he really enjoyed it, but wanted to take a break. My son enjoys the trips, but not just the fishing. He enjoys time away from home, being with dad, and hanging out. Catching fish is part of the fun, but he also enjoys just hanging out. So, be prepared that you son may or may not fish as hard as you - but that doesn't mean that he isn't having just as much fun.
  5. ambush1

    The condor the crew work hard for the kids they love getting them hung. Scott is great and will show them the whole boat if they want. Great crew great boat and that boat slides on abies like you have never seen.
    Let me know when your going I love to help kids fish. Hopefully I could get him a bigger fish than dad. I love fishing but the look on a kids face when a tuna hits the deck better than anything I have caught.
  6. garrironman

    take the kid rock fishing on a 1.5 day trip. he will catch alot of fish, and no trolling time. trolling is the kiss of death to a young guy. took my step son on 2 day trip that was going to be a cod trip, that turned into albacore trip. 2 days of trolling produced 1 trolling stop, and no more trips for alex. to boring he says. cod trips from long beach to s.d. offer 1 day to two day cod trips. pacificstar out of long beach or you mite call seaforth landing for more info.
  7. Skipjack69

    I second Surfdoctor. Long range boats do these short trips for the express purpose of marketing their operations to a market that isn't ready (for whatever reason) for extended trips. There is a HUGE difference between a "bunk house" boat and a long range one; in every regard (crew, comfort, ride).
  8. killerfin

    I have taken my son on a few trips on the Condor and pacific Queen And both Boats Are kid friendly . They really take care of them and get them on fish too.
  9. DoubletroubleII

    Surfdoc did make a good point. When my son first started fishing with me he would when he had caught a few fish he would want to do something else for a bit. At first I thought he didn’t like it that much, but as it turns out, he was just being a young boy. Alternate things to do for kids on a boat is important as their attention spans are still rather short when they are young.

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  10. gfg

    Thanks for the GREAT feedback guys!

    Any experience with Aztec or Legend out of Seaforth?

    I'm a HUGE fan of that landing but have only done their 1/2 day boats.

    Appreciate any thoughts!
  11. screaming_spool

    first string
    pacific star
    pacific queen
  12. Grady 21

    Drew on the Pacific Queen does a really good job and is a really nice guy!
  13. bfraser

    For the Legend it depends on who is running it. I'm assming Aaron will be doing a bnch of trips again this year, but Sean is a little rough around the edges (his logo is a pit bull with a YFT in it's mouth.) If it we're an adult trip I'd give you 100% go, but IMO not the best kid friendly boat out there...unless Aaron Barnhill is running it.
  14. NorthShore41

    If you like seaforth, I am sure that all of their boats are nice, but I liked the Eclpise (only one I went on a 1.5 out of seaforth on). Agree with the commentary on weekday departures to avoid some of the crowd. There is always one "that guy" on open party boats and it may be a good learning experience for your son so he doesn't grow up to be "that guy" as us Dad's can't make it a bomb proof fishing experience. Hope this helps, like I said I had a great time with the Eclipse on a day and a half out of seaforth but have heard great things about the other two boats too
  15. cap_lr

    The earlier advice about a shorter trip on a long range boat is dead on. It's just a whole other level of service and product and much more comfortable digs on a LR boat over a cattle hauler. I highly highly highly recommend you check out the 3 day early season trips on The Shogun. They are very reasonably priced and are excellent value for money. I took my son on a three day for his 5th birthday last May and we had a ball - the crew literally bent over backwards to make sure he had a great time. Planning on another one this May for his sixth ... right before I leave on my 15 day June Heat trip on the bird.:boobies:

    Also, the Indy is running some cool looking 2.5 day trips out of long beach over the next couple of months - the Indy is an amazing boat too.
  16. titan05

    If you are looking for the Long Range experience on a 1.5 day then check out the was the Red Rooster II and it is awesome. Staterooms, good food, Shane and John and the entire crew are great with will not regret it in the least.
  17. redbeard

    Check out Senor Tuna. Wonderful group of guys. Super kid friendly, and George is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. George charters the Pacific Voyager and the Pacific Star. Both Top notch operations, you will have a great time.
  18. riceman1011

    I went on the legend for my 12th birthday. My first 1.5 day trip and I got limits of yellowtail and caught the jackpot lone bluefin. Now I am clearly hooked. Great crew that are great helping with kids. That was 6 years ago though... not sure who's running it now.
  19. Mfish618

    Thank you guys, all of us on the Condor appreciate it. When ever there is kids on board, I make a special effort to hook and hand as well as assisting the child for the entire battle. We pride ourselves on being family friendly.
  20. harddrive

    Second Senior Tuna Trips. George on the Pac Voyager is great with kids. Actually fished with many kids and now semi adults. :) Family oriented trips, so you won't hear the cursing and no elbows.