Best Rockfish Rig ?

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by BradFisherman, Feb 26, 2012.

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  1. BradFisherman

    Hey guys,

    Rockfish season is coming up in a few days, and i was wondering what is your personal favorite rig? I would be using braid, but im 16 and i don't really have a job right now, so im sticking with the Mono. I used to use gagnions when i was a little fisherman, but the 2 hook limit now restricts me from doing so. What rig should I use? I was thinking two long shank rockfish hooks on the dropper loop with scampy tails threaded on them, and a jig on the bottom.
  2. yellowklr

    I like a diamond jig for a weight and a hook above that with gulp and a piece of squid
  3. dkd711

    Diamond jigs are $$$ if you snag and lose them all the time. Just go to Home Depot and get some rebar cut them up to about 10 inches and safety wire yourself an eye loop to tie your mono to. Two 4/0-6/0 hooks and you are good to go. Use a really crappy knot to attach the weight so it breaks away when snagged so you still get your fish. Rinse and repeat.
  4. BradFisherman

    Its accualy not too expensive for me. I pour my jigs, cost me less than a buck.
  5. sdfishkiller

    Be careful on your math......2 long shank hooks on drooper loops and a jig on the bottom = 3 hooks (illegal).

    I like 2 long shank circles, called Mustad E/Z-Baiters on drooper loop (I tie with a spider hitch or double surgeon's ) and I use re-bar for the weight.

    Squid, Octopus tentacles, Pismo clam and shell-on Shrimp.

    Have fun. I'm looking forward to some codding too.
  6. BradFisherman

    This sounds pretty good. How exactly do you do the rebar thing? Also, why do you prefer the circle hooks?

  7. whammy

    fish 2 3/0 light circle hooks with red gulp mullets, all you need to limit out
  8. sdfishkiller

    Here is a link to a rebar thread.

    I like the E/Z Baiters for the deep stuff (250-360). I think they stay on the hook better as they spin to the surface.

    They can pop off as they spin up.

    Swiveled hooks would be the best, but way over kill for our codding.
  9. BradFisherman

    Thanks alot,
    The rebar looks alot cheaper, its a great idea. Back to the circle hooks, sorry ive never used them before.. but is there a certain way to rig them so they work properly?

  10. King Saba

    Allow the Rockfish to inhale your bait, but instead of swinging to the heavens you just crank. In your case, with mono, you crank HARD!
  11. BradFisherman

    I Still think i should stick with the J hooks, i think I am just more confterable with them, i think i would loose fish with the circles.

  12. smithers

    You should at least give circle hooks a try.

    Especially if you are using mono not spectra. Fishing mono at depth I think you will lose more fish with the J-hooks. There is no rush to put pressure on the fish just bring them up nice and steady; too fast they will get spinning and maybe go free.

    As for rigging them, snelling them is much better than tying to the eye (enter from the front of the hook) There is a page on the net with extensive data on the benefits of snelling the circle hook (puts it at a nice angle for hook to set when the fish pulls away)

    Another benefit is not having to retie your dropper loop as often, because a circle hook usually gets a clean lip hook and saves the nearby line from abrasion.

    If you give it a go, try Owner Light Mutu circle in 4/0
  13. Tunahead

    I use 2 gannons only here or mexico with great success. Or 1 gannon
    and a JAX jig, Purple or Yellow/Brown seen to work best. Best
    shrimp flies=Yellow/Red with squid or dines over many many trips.
    Two 3/0 longshanks work best, or just plain old Mustad 3/0-4/0's
    bare with dines get the big ling after ling some days. GOOD LUCK!

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  14. surf-bum

    If you dont have your own saw, how can you get ahold of cut rebar? I would assume cutting by hand would be very tedious. Thanks
  15. tsurikichi


    I fish plastics ONLY and I've come to like a simple Carolina Rig. For 300 foot water I need only a 4 ounce sliding egg sinker, two carolina keepers to keep the weight in one place, a 3 foot length of leader, a big ol' plastic worm hook ... stuck in a variety of plastics.....all of this tied to 20 lb test Power Pro Red Phantom Braid.

    Try the above Braid and you'll not go back to mono .... for the deep water.

  16. smithers

    Sounds like fun on a private boat.

    On a party boat, beware dropping with lighter weight than what capt has recommended. You are asking for tangles, and if you get tangled you will be the one blamed when they see you pull up 4oz and everyone else is using 12 or whatever...
  17. Dave Hansen Advertiser

    Call me I will give you the best rig free....
  18. Tunahead

    Amen...depends on where you're fishing. Out at San Nic the current
    can be a ripper and 1-2lbs min to hold at even 2-300 ft in the PM
    especially. With mono you need more weight than spectra for sure.
    My rigs are ALL spectra to the top with a swivel and 40lb Izorline
    2 gannon leader. Good Luck Fishing!

    I would call Dave as you cant beat the price or the Excellent advise. Use the hooks you have if they are 3/0 or larger, When you use circle hooks at a depth over 150 feet they probably work better because you have so much strecht in the line. If you have J-hooks just fish them the same as circles and they will come to the corner of the mouth alot of the time. Dont sweat missing a fish cause alot of the ones you miss have bigger more agressive brothers down there and they wont miss your bait. All this said I would Still Call Dave as he has missed more fish than I have caught.
  20. walkerman

    Ummmm...that would be three hooks.