best mexican food in SD?

Discussion in 'Fishing and Hunting Cooking Recipes' started by tunakid, Apr 3, 2008.

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  1. tunakid

    ok guys whats your favorite mexican food place in san diego? ive been at sdsu since fall and i still cant seem to find a good mexican food joint. im really getting tired of trujillos and ponchos even though the sigma pi burrito is pretty good after a night out:hali_olutta:
  2. TeamGracza

    There is a place in old town don't know the name and it is pretty good.
  3. fishnfool

    If you can't find a good Mexican restaurant in San Diego you aint been looking to hard. Either that or you don't know what good Mexican food is...j/k. LOL The best one's are the ones tucked away in the strip malls...little mom and pop joints, and there are hundreds of them in SD. Just keep trying till you find one that has all the right flavors for you, and stick with them.
    As far as chains go...albertos, robertos, umbertos, roybertos, basically anything ending in bertos are all pretty good. Sergio's on Convoy is very good, and close to me so that's where I go most of the time. Good luck.
  4. Troy

    Los dos Pedros - on Turquoise in North PB. Across from Albertsons.
  5. brantc

    Casa de Loma next to West Marine in PL is great....try the carnitas, they're breath taking.
  6. Mikey

    La Fonda K-58

    That's part of SD isn't it? :D
  7. stix

    If you want authentic Mexican food.....go to Farmer's Market on Imperial in Barrio Logan. There are a bunch of restaurants inside and the food is great! Keep in mind that its dead smack in the hood and you'll feel like you are in Mexico once you get inside.

    Also check out:
    Santanas on Morena Blvd.....
    Jalapenos on Carmel Mountain Rd...(shrimp coctail and shrimp ceviche are delicious there and in generous servings)
  8. Enfuego

    Heres one for EVERYONE to write down. Not a lot of people know about it, but it is as Mexican as they come. Its called El Asador, on El cajon Blvd between 67th & 69th.
    There is a beautiful motel next door full of hookers. You can get all of your meat in one stop.

    There Carne Asada is cooked on Mesquite all day long. The best tacos/burritos you have ever had guaranted. They also let you put all the toppings you want on your food. Hand it to them, they roll it up and package it.

    It is also a meat market. The owner uses only Prime for all his meats. And Carne Asada is still $3 a pound.

    Dont drink the water.

    la especial norte in leucadia. tortilla soup and chile rellenos are the best hands down!
  10. AndrewD

    Fidel's, El Indio, Old Town Mexican Cafe.

    Other than those, try the places where the Mexicans eat. If the carnitas are good, everything else will be.
  11. Sewer

    Old Towne Mexican Cafe in Old Town (of course) is great. Also, close to SDSU is Tio Leo's on Mission Gorge.
  12. fishnRB

    Up here in the North County, Los Primos
  13. lip_ripper

    Jalisco cafe bonita great pozole
  14. Weazel

    When I was going to SDSU, we'd go there once a week to eat lunch, good stuff. Then we'd spend the rest of the afternoon getting fuk'd up at their bar. Bartenders used to hook it up! Finish the night with a run to Cheatahs and Bullpens.
  15. fisherbaby

    amen to Jalapenos, their hot chunky salsa is da BOMB
  16. crazetuna

    Try Las Cuatro Milpas and Tacos El Gordo...
  17. sdangler

    Castro's in Del Mar...

    Casa De Loma is the chit... Man I miss that place.
  18. chodico

    Personally I like any place you can get good el pastor. I have to say though that La Paloma in Vista is really good. It's on vista village dr. and escondido ave. The rellenos de mariscos are the best I have ever had. Good drinks too.
  19. nmbrinkman

    Jalapenos on Carmel Mountain Rd is good. Any Colimas, but I only know of one in Vista and the other in Oceanside. Super Sergios on Convoy is good as well as Gualbertos off Mercury and Clairemont Mesa Blvd. There is a place tucked away in Scripps Ranch called Chilipeppers which is good as well. All have good Carne Asada burritos and most have a decent salsa bar.

    Gualbertos is a great place for breakfast burritos (carne asado, potatoes, cheese, eggs). They also have a pretty good authentic mexican food lineup too. The same goes for Colimas.

    There is a place off San Marcos Blvd east of the 78. It's a carneceria (meat market) that has good marinated, un-cooked carne asada and chicken. I usually hit that up when family comes down.
  20. raraush

    Karinas-Sit down style in CV or El Cajon. Cute Waitresses
    El Indio-Takeout Downtown
    Casa de Guadalajara-Family style Old Town w/mariachi's
    Carnitas Aruapan-Casual sit down Spring Valley

    You want authenticity and good meats try the mexican markets. Many cook takeout food at the meat counter.