Best Eating Fish in So Cal?

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by jiminoc, Aug 3, 2006.


Type of local fish you like to eat

  1. Dorado

  2. Yellowtail

  3. Halibut

  4. Mako

  5. Thresher

  6. Tuna

  7. White SeaBass

  8. Calico Bass


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  1. jiminoc

    Whats the fish you love to eat the most that are able to be caught in the local so cal waters?
  2. gaff_ya_good

    splitfin tuna
  3. Smudge

    You left out Crappie...

    And "Tuna" doesn't cut it. BFT, YFT, BET, Bonito, and Albert. They're all different.
  4. bertram31

    Hey there Gary, good to be in the Halibut eatin company with you buddy !!!!!

    Go Halibut LOL

  5. jiminoc

    yea but they're are too many tuna types to list out one by one. didn't want to have a 30 option poll :)
  6. michael

    Man this is a tough one, there all good........
  7. Smudge

    You'd only add 4 above what you have. BFT is my personal favorite BTW..
  8. saltydogmr

    Whatever is on the business end of my fork. Although I Think GAFF YA GOOD has the only option that doesnt taste like shit if its over cooked, (unless you have a slip of the tounge).:rofl:
  9. wahoodad

    Albacore, not on list. Number one, way better than wahoo.
  10. roxfisher

    I have never had Wahoo, but that would be Bill's pick, although it is rather tough to catch local.
    Halibut is right there with my all time favorite WSB. It also depends upon how you prepare it.
    For the bodyguard, albacore sashimi, but we have all the tuna and yellowtail varieties as sashimi. Blue fin, marinated in balsamic vinegar, cracked pepper and some good olive oil, grilled until almost done, then sprinkle with lemon, chives and then top with a pat of butter just before removing from grill.
    Smoked Yellowfin makes the best tuna salad.
    Can't beat lingcod for fish tacos. Dorado, encrusted with either macadamia nuts and coconut served with mango salsa.

    DAMN they are all good.
  11. Surfdoc

    Gotta agree...... fresh splitfin.... no other choice...:drool:
  12. bertram31

    I just cant quite agree with ya on this David. I have had plenty of Albacore, bled, tail tendions cut and on ice in a kill bag ready to eat when we got home, and then Ono caught right here in my backyard, properely taken care of and had for dinner that evening.

    IMHO best eating fish Ono hands down either cooked or raw. LR Wahoo frozen in the heavy brine isnt anywhere near as good as this fresh Hawaiian Ono, but hey the post did say local fish.

  13. bertram31

    Thanks Rox LOL very hungry now !!!!!

    The Mahi receipe sounds tremendious.

  14. Smudge

    The "local" context is what kept me from saying ono. THe best I've ever had was caught within a 1/2 mile of the beach in Barbados. Right at the end of the day. 30min later it was gilled, gutted filled with vegies, coated with lemon pepper, wrapped in aliminum foil and thrown in a fire pit on the beach. The best fish I have ever eaten.
  15. Professor

    Reds and BFT
  16. wet dream 97

    yellowtail sushi style. I tryed it cooked but raw its just taste better same with tuna and try a spicy tuna roll but if you get rolls make sure they use soy paper not seaweed its not chewy :bablefish sandy
  17. Mot's Sr.

    Damn, that Rox always has to do that:rofl: :rofl: everytime she post I have to check it out, Jack, I just love them butts man, my best eating fish all my life, but that WSB is a close second for me.

    Had yellow tail and dorado the other nite after Greg got back and it was really good too, man its all good....
  18. Jason Admin

    Black Sea Bass and Garabaldi. Both are awsome.
  19. wahoodad

    Naw, I donate the 1st two I catch on every trip, and fresh wahoo still doesn't hold a candle up to ablies, but that's my taste buds. RSW still doesn't help Ono. Never be number one in my book. Heck, BFT beats it as well. No flavor, but works good in meals in place of chicken. I'll trade vacuum packed wahoo for vacuum packed albie all day long.
  20. ladynglr

    wahoo, but not a local fish, bft love it raw or cooked. local, just can't get beyond calicos...flour, egg, panko flakes then fried...with homemade sauce or in it, love it, love it!!!!!
    damn, now hungry for sushi...yakatori, here i come....