Best Avet for Grouper???

Discussion in 'Avet Reels Support' started by grouperdigger15, Jul 30, 2007.

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  1. grouperdigger15

    I was thinking about trying out an avet reel for a light grouper/snapper reel???? I want one in similar size to a daiwa saltist 50 or shimano torium 30. Anyone have any idea on which one would be best for the application??? Thanks in advance
  2. tarpon6

    How about the new Avet HX? It's the same size as a Trinidad 40. It's a nice light reel. If I was deciding which of my reels I was going to grab for light bottom fishing for grouper and big snapper that is the reel I'd pick.
  3. are you fishing with spectra or mono? what rod are you planning to use?
    how deep of water are you fishing for them?
    i've used an sx w/ 50# izorline spectra on a 800L and killed plenty of big mangos. used the same set up and did well on grouper between 7-10#'s.
  4. FishStalker

    I caught the one in my avatar on an avet 30W with 130# spectra and an 80# topshot. He almost rubbed through the 80# on the rocks.

    Then again, he wasn't a 'light grouper'.
  5. grouperdigger15

    I already have big dog grouper reels, but I was looking to try out an avet to go with my star delux 30-50 8'ft rod. I want thinking maybe the LX 4.6:1, I dont know any suggestions would be great.
  6. LAChamp

    I got that reel for the same type fishing. Haven't been out to try yet, but seems like it's going to do great. I put 65lb Jerry Brown solid on it.
  7. grouperdigger15

    I am going to put mono on whichever one I get, and the depth I am planning on fishing is anywhere between 130-300 ft. It will be mainly used for snapper or knocker rig grouper:2gunsfiring_v1:
  8. tarpon6

    I would not want to use an 8' rod for bottom fishing grouper. 6.5' at the most..
  9. if you're going to invest in an avet think about getting a seeker or calstar blank wrapped
  10. Bouldernz

    I run a mx with 30# braid for small up to 40lb puka and snapper fishing down here in NZ and find it suits that style of fishing well. Bigger/deeper I run my new Hoo-x and for the really challanging stuff I drag out the 50ews2 with 130lb braid
  11. oldmanfishing

    Who won this months Reel??
  12. StillinScrubs

    Here is me wailing on my LX 2 speed with a xxxx blacksteel tuna rod. I think this is an ideal light grouper reel. I have fished them on my 50w it wasn't much fun, but they didn't cut me off.


    I was more afriad of breaking the 50lb test than the drag giving. Still had great free spool action with this much drag.
  13. btlfed331

    i live in the florida keys and use the single speed lx model with 65 power pro and a 40# flouro top shot of 35 yds or so. I've caught plenty of groper on that with a 24-30inch 80#seaguar floro leader.(Mainly becuase of them rubbing the mono on the rocks in an attempt to break off) The rod u mentioned is a bit too long but give it a try first before you buy another. I have to agree with the previous post of a rod that is about 6ft to 6.5. Preferably i like the rod at 6ft or so it is easier to cast wthout interference from the t-top. Also at those depths it's always good to have the line capacity of braid if u hook up anything else.