Bertram Blackfin shootout

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by Bertraman, Jul 20, 2004.

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  1. Bertraman

    Im a bertram 31 owner.. If theres any Blackfin owners looking for some fun w/a low cost tourney ($90.00)& it goes to a good cause) So.Cal div has no blackfins...Heres details for the 90.oo yo get 4 cool shirts & a hat worth that in itself..
  2. bertram31

    Ill put my 31 Bert up against anything.That fuckin boat raises fish,not really sure just what.The low rumble of the diesels,way the water sprays off the boat and sprinkles the water,speed to run and gun thats for sure,the clean wake.Hey I am in if theres room for another Bertram.
  3. Tre

    The last time I visited their web site there was nothing going on here in So. Cal.

    I sold my 31, but now have a 38 Bertram. If you guys find anything more let me know- I'm interested and a lot drier too!
  4. c-nut

  5. Sherrita

    Ok, who's on my side ???
  6. bertram31

    Shit Steve were all on your side.Tell ya what i will fish with ya.
  7. Aleta


    I'm a year late to be your wingman - but go Blackfin
  8. Sherrita

    Good enough for a port-a-gee, I'm in.

    Clark - your on the boat.
    Jack - lets see how many other Bertrams enter 1st.
  9. gene L

    gooooooooo black fin!!!!!!!!!
  10. bertram31

    Will do Steve,sounds like it could be fun.

    hey steve what about your handy deckhand for the tourney!!!!!

    every one knows bertram are nice but what can compare to the sherrita????
  12. bertram31

    oh man this will be fun i feel a challenge brewing up here.
  13. Sherrita


    I fished with Jack Vincent on Impulse (Bertram 42') a bunch.
    I like your model a lot.

    So when I say Bertram's are shit and people who ride around on them
    are "sissy men" it's just part of the jive.

    These are top boats and I hope there's a nice turnout. I'm going to talk to the owner of Team Game, Joe Namath's ex-boat at the SDYC. Cool old guy, fish's it by himself mostly.

    Cameron - you go where the boat goes.

    Gene L - what do you know about em ??
  14. bertram31

    Oh shit Steve i wasnt offended or as awrnold swatsneger says girly men.I love the shit that gets thrown around here,keeps me fuckin rollin.this will be so much fun us bertram guys will be slingin long shit long time.hahaha

    this is gunna get interresting...............
  16. bertram31

    no would be a good time while its slow.We dont want to do this when all you have to do is throw your dick in the water and a fish is on the deck.Hey I know we will go after lose local wahoos.
  17. Sherrita

    Shit, I misquoted the governater, now I've done it !!!
  18. bertram31

    I kinda liked the sissy men shit about us bertram guys.
  19. bertram31

    Are we going to do this in a single species or how about some kind of grand slam?
  20. Sherrita

    I don't know what the rules are - can we make up our own.

    This sat is good for me.
    Lets duct tape "sissy men" over the name and catch anything,
    which should put us in 1st.

    Claaaaaaaaaark - you're bow bunny.

    By the way, I've noticed you mentioned the word harley,
    I ride a 2002 Sportster Custom 1200
    -our similarities are different.