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Discussion in 'Surf Fishing' started by Dr. Fowl, Nov 12, 2006.

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  1. Dr. Fowl

    So, I won some sand crab gulp last night at the holiday party. Does this stuff work pretty good? Has anyone fished with it before? I hve had my best success with boiled mussel, stays on the hook and the rays and shovelnose dont seem to eat it. Any feedback would be cool. I am going to try it out this week.
  2. michael

  3. Dr. Fowl

    So where in that site do I find out about Gulp?
  4. gonebendo

    Better than anything else surf fishing for fish (not rays or shovelnose) Try the blood worms too, break them into 3rds.
  5. Dr. Fowl

    real bloodworms or does berkley have gulp bloodworms too?
  6. Double Z

    I used them the day of the party. A couple of the BSP INHALED them! I won a few more and will keep trying them.
  7. gonebendo

    Gulp! Bloodworms and mosquito hooks. All the BSP and Croaker you want on any decent day. Like I said, break them they are about an inch and half long.
  8. jesse

    I've done well with small guys. Of course I do best with ghost shrimp dude. Also give the 3" chart. mullets a shot with a 3/4 oz gama. football head. It's almost cheating it's so effective.:)
    good luck dude.
  9. paralabrax

    The gulp sand crabs have not worked well for me. The gulp camo sandworm is like cack for black srf perch (use 1 inch pieces).

    I have heard you can cut up the bigger sand crabs into strips and they work better.
  10. Dr. Fowl

    I'll tell ya what. I have never used Gulp at all but boiled mussel is the way to go. I know its a pain in the ass to go get and boil and all but once you do, it works like a charm. Stays on when you cast, the BSP and the Bina chow it. I have never even caught one ray on it either which is sweet. I am gonna try the gulp soon.
  11. jscrib

  12. moosedump

    ya they work really good! good for beans too!
  13. tunataker

    I second the GSW (gulp sand worm) The camo color is instant bendo almost every time. If you dont get slammed in the first cast, start walking down the beach because there are no fish in that area. The sand crabs did not stand up to the hype that they were getting before they came out. They work, but the GSW or grubs are where it is really at.
  14. Makscoot

    Either Blood worms (one third in the sand, another in your finger and the last third on the hook) thats that way to go. Gulp rocks. I perfer the little shrimp, but have it your way!
  15. fishnfool32

    Try the camo sand worm wacky style for the bigger bsp and a hali if your
    lucky. Just keep it moving along the bottom and it usualy means bendo.
    That shit fishes better than real bait.. :cheers:
  16. gonebendo

    They work on all the bass too. This is from last year, not the best quality pictures, but you get the point.

    Mosquito hooks for the surf, jig heads for bass.




  17. Double Z

    Nice. I just picked up some of the camo sand worms. 6"? Is that good? I saw the 4" but they seemed a little thin. I also got some of the small GULP squid for the kelp and offshore. They look like candy!

    I think the sand crabs need longer arms or something to simulate a swimming sandcrab.
  18. michael

    From what I've heard the 6" worms are the way to go.
    Take the 6" sand worm and cut in half or thirds.
    Carolina rigged and go pound some sand.

    Try the Gulp! 4" shrimp when throwing at the boiler rocks with a lead head any color and it's game on. Bass just inhale them.
    The shrimp are also deadly inside the Newport harbor near the bait dock all the way to the outside.
  19. michael

    I use owner Mosquito hooks #6 usually and pin the worm on like a plastic swimbait. I've seen some people do what's called 'wacky' rigging which is just hook it right through the middle so it dangles on both sides.

    Try the 3in shrimp!
    The halibut love them.

    Rig em drop shot style. I had a lot of fish this way this year