Bearings for jigmaster?

Discussion in 'World Of PENN' started by bigwill857, Jul 18, 2013.

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  1. bigwill857

    I am looking for some bearings to increase the freespool on my old jigmaster. Any advice? What bearings fit?
  2. AKSalmon

    The standard Jigmaster 500 and 501 use bushings, not bearings, and I am not aware of any after market bearings that work. Newell used to make some plastic bushings that reputedly increased free spool a bit. These are sometimes available on eBay. The 505 and 506 did use bearing and also had a faster retrieve than the regular Jigmasters, but finding one of those in good condition can be tough.
  3. twopatch

    take some steel wool to the ends of the jernals on the spool and clean the ends. Then use a lite weight oil like reel X,corrosion X,tsi even gun should spin great. Berrings go bad. bushings don't.Thats the beauty of these old penns.
  4. fishfearme86

    I am going to do that tomorrow with my jigmaster!
  5. bigwill857

    I will have to give it a try. Thanks.
  6. alto mare

    Good advice, twopatch.
    Bigwill, I usually chuck the spool on a drill and let it spin while holding the spool shaft with some stainless steel wool, a drop of oil helps. When done, I'll do the other side.
    If you can't find stainless steel wool, you could use steel wool, just make sure you clean the spool really good afterwards.
  7. 110yd

    Take a look at Alan Tani's web site and you will probably find what you are looking for in terms of after market bearings....
    500/501 jigmaster

    I believe that Smooth Drag has them.


  8. alto mare

    110yd, I'm very active on Alan Tani, my name there is the same as here. We do not have bearings for the Jigmaster, If Bigwill really needs to have them, he could hunt down some Accurate plates, but they're not cheap.
    Honestly, I believe he'll be better off with bushings.
    We've been doing some nice upgrades on the Jigmaster. Take a look when you get a chance.
  9. BurningHeart

    No joke, I like the irishjigger(I think thats his handle) Jigmaster 500 double dog mod he did.