Beaches closed From downtown LB to Belmont Shore

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  1. One_Leg

    Beaches remain closed from downtown to Belmont Shore

    Posted: 10/12/2009 06:40:05 PM PDT

    [​IMG] One of many "Keep Out Beach Closed" signs sits in the sand in Long Beach after a raw sewage spill in South Pasadena on Saturday caused the closure of Long Beach beaches from Third Place to the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier. (Steven Georges / Staff Photographer)

    LONG BEACH - Beaches from downtown to Belmont Shore remained closed on Monday after a backed-up sewer line in South Pasadena gushed 10,000 gallons of raw sewage into the Los Angeles River over the weekend, authorities said.
    The stretch of shore from Belmont Pier to Third Place was closed Saturday after the sewage flowed down the river and emptied into Long Beach, said Nelson Kerr with the city's Bureau of Environmental Health.
    Kerr said samples were taken Monday and results could be available as early as today. The beaches could reopen by mid-week, he said. - Kelly Puente

    From The Long Beach Press-Telegram
  2. marlyn

    but its the fisherman fucking the ocean up right?
  3. Capt. G

    Oh Snap!
  4. toddbersuch

    now i know what all those lobster are eating
  5. robbertoe

    new meaning to "turd rollers"
  6. HBfisherman