BD trip aboard the Horse to SCI for YT's!!!

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by spike, May 18, 2009.

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  1. spike

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    We got a nice group of anglers together to fish the Seahorse, quite a few BD anglers showed up and we had a great time with lots of laughs.
    We made some squid once we got to San Clemente, but also we had 10 scoops aboard already. We fished the bait grounds in the morning and went three for three on 25lb class yellowtail. Saluki's boy FishkillerG hooked and landed his own toad YT on 15lb test mono.
    It was kind of slow but the size of fish we were targeting kept everyone interested to try. Other boats around us also had some signal and fish come over the rail.
    After a few hours we checked the lee of the island to find nothing but heaps of breezing fin bait and about 62.5 water temp. I spoke with Joe of the Q-105, they were on their skiff trip, they had decent calico fishing and a halibut for their efforts along the front. After looking around we hauled ass back to the cove and stopped on a few schools of yellowtail found on the sonar for nothing. We tried a few calico and seabass spots for not much love, but we kept at it bouncing around from spot to spot looking for biting fish.
    We called the trip around 2pm to head for home but upoun leaving the island off the edge we located a spot of breezing YT which was all birded up. We rolled up onto it, their were alot of fish but not all that egar to bite, even with all the brails of chum. They may have been new fish to the island for they were pretty far off the edge. They looked like a 28 to 30lb average. We hit the school many times but went two for three all caught on the Yoyo jig. Some surface irons were rolling right thru the meat of the school for not even a look. Corb and Jerry each hooked toads on the heavy jig, the biggest being around 34lbs.
    We did not really fill the sacks on the trip, fishing was relativly slow, but we did end up with some trophy yellowtail, and some firsts for a few anglers. The weather was flat calm all trip with a great group of anglers and good crew aboard the Horse.
    Both Corb & FishkillerG earned 1/2 off on their next trip aboard the Seahorse because we had called jackpot and were on are way in when we found the fish off the island and then still gave it an extra hour and a half to get more YT. Captain Tyler honored both the JP winner and biggest YT caught fish special coupons to come back on another trip which I thought was pretty cool.
    The food was great, as was the Beer, for some reason the Seahorse has some of the best tasting Coors Light. I never got a lick on quality fish but was very pleased to see my friends get some nice ones.
    The Seahorse will be having a Yellowtail derby till the end of the month, the biggest YT caught who is in JP wins 1/2 off their next voyage aboard the Seahorse. You can call the office at 949-496-5794 to make a reservation.

    FishkillerG (saluki's son) proud sponsor of the Minnesota Vikings
    G' hooked and landed his own toad YT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Saluki, the Bears still Suck! And now it looks like you know it!
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  2. Tues


    Bears and Vikings suck penis...
  3. @-EZ

    Very cool report Spike. Looks like you folks had a blast. Congrats to FKG and Big girl for their prizes.
  4. get some BD Writer

    Great report.
    Congrats to the big girl and little kid on those SLUG yellows!

    Saluki, you better get used to your son outfishing you, that kid looks like a true mangler in the making...
  5. fishkillerbill

    Nice report Spike--got the text message last night when you guys hit the harbor from one proud Papa-Saluki--way to go fishkiller g
  6. chris fishes

    nice report all the way down to forcing that poor kid to wear a vikings hat...go bears
  7. mercerm

    Great Report! Congrats FKG!
  8. Tunahead

    that's keeping me goin while on the DL. Hope to be out by end of June maybe.
  9. el capo

    Way to go Miss March!
  10. 26grumpy

    Super report, the pics are awesome !
  11. Wandering Blues

    Man those are huge Yellow's. Making me rethink my trip to Mammoth for trout this weekend.
  12. spike

    All the kids aboard had the chance to pull on somthing, either a yellow, bass, or bat ray, good for the groms.
  13. Saluki

    Thanks again to Spike, Tyler, and his crew for a great trip!
    We had a blast, I have a bunch of pix that I'll post up later this afternoon when I get home.
    The Seahorse is a great boat to fish on, plenty of room for everyone and the crew worked their buts off all day long.
    Fun times for sure!
  14. pescadormejor

    Well Said!

    I had a lot of fun fishing with you guys!

    Nice grade of tail!

    Congrats to those who hauled one in!

    You forgot to mention the large Whale Shark sighting on the way in...
  15. spike

    It sure seems that SCI has turned the corner, a bit late but it could really pop next weekend. Pleasure fishing with you, everyone aboard was great.
  16. Johnnyfish

  17. barracuda Killer

    It was a basking Shark. aprox 30 ft long, thing was huge. Nice fishing with you Spike, Saluki and everyone else. FKG is the man :urno1:
  18. Tunaslam

    Some sweet looking tails, hats off to those that caught one, quality fish!
  19. Troy

    Very nice! Great report Spike.
  20. rdrrm8e

    Good choice Corb.

    I can't even write a report about our weekend at the Island.