BD sighting.

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by Scrapper, Nov 23, 2005.

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  1. Scrapper

    Today, while driving my little work truck I spied a BD'er towing a boat through my neck of the woods, Mission Viejo. The boat was a big Proline (very nicely rigged!) being towed by a grey Superduty. The truck had two BD stickers in the back window. And you were going North on Margerite Parkway while I was going south.

    I couldn't give the BD salute from my work truck, that would be grounds for termination where I work! So here it is now. :FU:

    I think the boat name was "Two Kinds O' Pie".

    Are you a fellow Missionite, or where you just cutting through because the 5 Freeway was a mess.
  2. Captain Curt

    That there was KC Kevin. He was pulling his boat over to his house to get her ready for the Halibut Tournament we are in this weekend. Gett'er done Kev.


    The boat Hanna.........
  3. Az.monkey

    Yup straight up Kev. good luck this friday bro and happy thanks giving
  4. KC Kevin

    Missionite I am and thanks for the compliments on my ride. Quite a few of us in MV actually. What Curt said; just a little spit and polish before we head down to win the halibut tourney on Saturday! :rofl:

    Goooo Team Noahs!
  5. Scrapper

    Ok, so it was the fellow Missionites, I just did'nt recognize your rig. Good luck in the tourney!

    Maybe we should have a gathering for OC BD'ers. I think there is enough of us now!
  6. Az.monkey

    I kinda like he Missionary position , does that count :confused: :D