BD SIGHTING : la jolla of all places....

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by The Notorious S.U.A, Jul 18, 2006.

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  1. The Notorious S.U.A

    black ford ranger with a shell on the back, right across from the B of A on girard.

    who was it?

    about 12:30 today.

    and while im at it, there was a silver Blazer at the ximed building in scripps la jolla last week i saw too.

    gotta say the LJ ghetto is the last place i would expect to see another BD'er.
  2. albacore858

    dont be talking shit bout lj
  3. The Notorious S.U.A

    or else what? you'll pay some OB tweakers to rob my house?


    I'll be your neighbor in a couple weeks...
  4. albacore858

    where you movin in lj?
  5. The Notorious S.U.A

    i have a shitty little place on torrey pines and herschel i think right now. i move into a place in the shores on october 1.
  6. albacore858

    oh thats cool you will live by spencer(megustafish5)
  7. The Notorious S.U.A

    no one?
    this isnt a BD'er?
  8. GUERO

    nice, I'm keeping a LB at your place........and no talking shit about OB least after they steal your shit, they help you look for it
  9. byeye

    You are 15, shut up.
  10. Smudge

    Ain't that the fucking truth!
  11. The Notorious S.U.A

    no one can take someone down a peg or two like you byeye....
  12. sdgirlie

    That would be currahee......we are remodeling the penthouse there. I'm surprised you didn't see my bronco parked right down the street .....parking really SUCKS around there......and we have to keep an eye out for the "meter nazi" fumore fumore so we can play musical parking spots every 2 hours. I just love it when I have to stop in the middle of laying some tile :nopity: so I can go switch spots,especially when those drivers in that part of town are SOOOOO courteous.....:cussing:
    But it does have a great view,so that everyday I can look out towards the water and say....damn, I could be fishing right now...
  13. albacore858

    i can take it
  14. The Notorious S.U.A

    dont piss him off....
  15. sdgirlie

    ummm...okay,I give, take what? Are you referring to my comment about the drivers? If so, I can understand why you would say that.....seeing as you drive alot at 15......j/k

    don't piss him this the part where I'm supposed to be afraid :eyepoppin .........oh wait,I remember something about him having tweeker friends that will rip me of.....I'm prepared, just like Mrs. Cuda Killer....gunz

    I know where we keep our guns....and bows....and........
  16. albacore858

    were not talking about you dont worry
  17. sdgirlie

  18. albacore858

    thats right
  19. The Notorious S.U.A

    easy princess, no ones talking about you....
  20. sdgirlie

    Princess!?! Ha! That's a first...actually,don't mind me....I was just being a smart-ass earlier.Didn't mean to ruffle anyone's feather's......:banned: