BD,s San Quintin Trip wt K&M

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by captainkelly, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. captainkelly

    Mikey and the whole crew are Roots! classic BDers, I didnt stop laughing till they left monday.....Byeye is a madman but needs lots of water. All these guys were super cool.......(they tipped me extra to say that) and they fed me beer! Fri night the guys invited me and Chris (Pierce) over for a huge feast at Don Eddies (they did a great job, food was great) We had fresh fish caught by the Sea dog crew that day. Somehow the mariachi band ended up with BDs stickers on their guitars!
    Sat morn was flat glass, we made a few baits and headed out over glassy wind at all. We started at a spot about...390º from San Martin
    put a fat load of reds in da boat and went to a ling spot after that got some nice ones there too and were off to se if we could scratch up some Yellows. There were huge squid just about everywhere we went but they werent that much of a hassle. One of the guys made a bunch of custom jigs and we were all killin it with those things, a very effective rockfish jig i was impressed (I got a whole box too...hand made) as we arrived at the 15 there were no birds working so we fished the meter and found some yellows down off the back side at about 150-200ft We got a couple nice ones, Mikey got a fat toad on a green/yellow that was the largest fish of the trip.....good job Mike! We had a great day, tons of fish and lots of laughs . We did so well we went in early.
    Day two was another flat day and warm too, we were all stripping down to our Bloodydecks t-shirts by 8:00 am! We went staight for the Yellows this time and were greeted by surface boils and breezing fish!!!
    My son Oscar was out on the other Parker with a charter and as i called him onto the spot some of the other boats picked up the call and we got rushed a few times but eveyone seemed to be getting a few so we LET them fish us like a paddy. As usual they all gave up early in the game and left us to scratch up a couple more fish. Next we went to a spot called San Ramon and got wide open sand bass (released all but a few big grumpy ones) fished for some flatties wt no luck, then for calicos on backside San Martin (not working either) Lots of big cuda in cove at isla as well, kept some to donate to locals. Papa j and the seadog crew did great as well on big reds and lings a a spot down south they also got a bonus yellow while jigging up rockfish. It was a great two days, and the whole crew were great ( they gave a lot of fish the the locals and im sure it will be appreciated) Thanks Mikey and all you,re nuts! just blow up and get it over with! Hope to see you all soon!:finger: Salute!
  2. michael

    Sounds like the boys had a blast. Can't wait to see the pics.
  3. byeye

    All joking aside Kelly, you are a great captain. I'm so stoked that we went down there and had such a killer time. It was a bit wierd that you fish in a tangerine thonge but oh well. I can't wait to get down there again.....Thanks to Harry and Ed, and Jason, and Ceaser, and Mark, and Mike, and Mikey for putting up with my shit all weekend. Hey Harry:NO CHIPS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!
  4. Sluester

    What a BLAST! Good times for sure. Kelly runs a GREAT operation. He'll do anything you want....literally! There is some serious BD swag down there.
    As always, nice feeeshing with everyone.
  5. midnightrambler

    damm sounds like a great time
  6. fishnfool

    Enough talk...let's see the pics already! Sounds like a good time.
  7. bullyo

    byeye mentions a tangerine thong and then pictures are asked for...hopefully thats just a coincidence
  8. Papa "J"

    What a great time....Just spent the last 2 1/2 hours vaccum sealing the cod. I think this is one of the best trip that we do every year. I never laughed so hard in my life.

    very big thanks to Chris & Oscar (K& M) for letting us follow you in during low tide. We have the track in Harry's GPS & we even made it in on our own yesterday.

    Friday &* Saturday were glass. & Sunday picked up a little, but not enough to stop us from loading up.

    I know Harry took a shitload of pics & sure some will even m,ake it to the front page.

    Thanks again to all that came down & making it a very memorable trip.
  9. fishnfool

    That's pretty fucking funny! :beerbang: Of course it's not coincidence. Where have you been? What do you think 95% means?
  10. sdangler

    Got the call Thursday AM that there was an opening with the Mikey, Mike, and Mike crew... Explained to wife that there was an emergency fishing situation in SQ and that I had to go...

    Fished Friday afternoon with Harry and the boys for dinner... Thanks for the ride down Jason and the opportunity to fish with you guys and, "Ed the Ling Cod Killing Mother Fucker."

    Saturday and Sunday; Kelly put us a ton of fish. K&M are a class act from launching to fishing and to then cleaning...

    I say we're up for a trip in September when the real feesh are down there.

    Harry; no chips for you one year, and next time don't forget the important stuff on Sunday!

    Byeye; never count on the alcoholics to bring you water on the trip when the cooler is full of beer.

    Good times, next year!

  11. MikeyLikesIt

    one of the best fishing trips I have ever had.

    Great report, Kelly!

    anybody wanting to fish SQ, I HIGHLY recommend K&M Sportfishing, a real class act! :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy

    I'll add my pics tonite....brought the camera but not the cable...... :(

    Thanks guys, that was awesome!
  12. sdangler


    Can you make the siren sound again? I think Erin likes it...