BD on the Radio???

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by Ali, Jun 13, 2008.

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  1. Ali Admin

    Capt. John Grabowski and Ed Zieralski have asked Wildcat (aka Jim Daniels) and myself to be their guests on All Outdoors Radio this Sunday afternoon.

    We'll be talking about the BD, upcoming tournaments and FishDope.

    Should be a good time.

    The show is available is on from 4-6pm in San Diego on KCBQ 1170 AM or on the internet at All Outdoors Radio Network .
  2. locobro

    Please tell me you'll be taking calls.

    Righ on Ali!
  4. SDtone

    that would be fucking funny if some one called asking about the man massage.:D
  5. Az.monkey

    Don't tempt me Tony :D

    Excellent news guys ! still having probs with fishdope, it won't load for some reason, am I that stupid or ???? ( yes I'm not smart )
  6. shinerunner

    I'm all atwitter.

    Gongrats Amigos
  7. reelnexotic

    Same here Karl, I have left a message and triedd signing up and nothing.
  8. dru


  9. Customboatguy

    I'm calling in to ask your latest views/opinion on current fuel prices at the

    dock... to see if I can get you to use cuss words on the radio.:D

    Otherwise, that is awsome!
  10. fishnRB

    You guys are funny as hell.
  11. Deno

    I nominate Saluki :boobies: and Sneekee to be there also…who’s with me.
  12. coldies

    Awesome! 1 up for BD
  13. Afry

    Would the phrase "reach around" be inappropriate on the air?
  14. PHOTOG

    Will you get a bunch of calls asking why you deleted someones post? Or people asking you to moderate your own posts on a ninja bass thread?

    ...Just askin.
  15. Ali Admin

    I think we all know that might not be the best idea.

    Put away your platinum speed dialer now!
  16. Sortasober

    Radio might be just the right format for BD, can't see the salute. Any info on an OC broadcast?
  17. Surfdoc

    TFAC on the airwaves..... this just may be the last straw for America!
  18. Az.monkey

    We're doomed Stan, can you fix it ? :boobies:
  19. Sofia Rose

    Can I bring apitizers to the station?

  20. Group Fun

    They obliviously have you confused with some other camel jockey that knows how to fish!

    Congrats Ali, definately mention the reach around! lol