Bay fishing and the company picnic

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by Sherm, Aug 30, 2010.

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  1. Sherm

    Sunday was the day for me to set up the company picnic. My employees are my second family and we all truely enjoy doing things together. Picnic's, Padre games, bowling nights, what have's all a good time. The office was scheduled to be at MB around 11am for a day of fun in the sun San Diego style. Well....I knew this was an opportunity to do same bay fishing before the rest of the crew arrived.

    I arrived at the bay aroun 5am to set up the toy box and get the spot we wanted. The plan was to break out the yak and paddle out for some bass fishing.

    I called my buddy Troy to see if he wanted to go with. Troy said he would go but only if we fished off his Grady and not the yaks. I gave in and Troy picked me up for some feeshin.

    We went out to the bay and the fishing was slow. Not much tide and we were just picking at them. A few spotties here and there but not much.

    We headed to the bridge to fish the pilings and we see this guy on the shore fishing. I don't kow what this guy thought he was going to catch.....but he was tossing a large whole mackeral for bait. He would toss this two pound bait out and then reel it back in. He kept doing this until I lost ineterst in watchig. I don't know what he was thinking.

    Troy and I finished our bass derby.....Score? Sherm...7 Troy ...3 then Troy took me back and dropped me off at the beach so I could get the picnic started. Thanks bro!!!!

    My office family showed up right on time and we got the picnic started. A beautiful San Diego day yesterday. Sun and not much wind most of the day.
    I cooked up 90 hamburgers and about 50 hot dogs. It was a long time standing over the grill. We had a good turn out and all the kids (young and old) had a blast. We ran out of chairs...but the kids found creative places to eat their lunch. I'm still full from all the food yesterday. We played volleyball, Bochi ball and just shot the breeze most of the day. A good time was had by all.

    Having left overs in the lunch room today. MMMMMMMMMMHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Chile Dogs.

    Tight Lines,


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  2. Bigeasy

    Your a Good Boss with a boat! That is your boat SHERM right?
  3. Spyder

    Looks like fun. Was that guy on shore hoping for a lost YT or WSB perhaps? What's up Troy, paddling too much work for ya? :imdumb:

    Hey wingman I'm back in town. Lets hit it one afternoon this week. Either that or this weekend.
  4. Troy

    Fun, short, early morning session Scott. I needed to run the boat and couldn't get motivated to get on the yak at 6am. Glad you were flexible.

    I forgot about the dude with the whole mackeral for bait. He was working that thing like a lure. Hillarious.

    Glad the sun came out for your picnic. Turned out to be a nice day.
  5. Sherm

    Nope......that's Troy's
  6. Fishbones

    When is the "Customer" picnic?[​IMG]
  7. Sherm

    Maybe a BD customer only picninc
  8. Deno

    I don’t see my buddy Kimberly in the picture..
  9. Cheney

    I thought something interesting was going to come out of the guy tossing the mackerel. Had my hopes up :(
  10. SoCal Homeguard

    Nice picnic for the company!
  11. Sherm

    I told her you might show up...........for some reason she didn't stay around long. :rofl:

    She was there Deno.......she said to say hi.
  12. Sherm

    Hey Deno.....I just talked to Kimberly. She said that you and her were going to "work your wife together". What exactly does that mean? :confused:
  13. Deno

    LOL don’t know I should investigate :D She’s trying to help us save MORE $$ by switching everything over to you guys… Wife and I haven’t had time to go in…
  14. Sherm

    That's not nearly as good as I thought.