Bass fishing is starting to heat up in NH

Discussion in 'Noreast Fishing Reports' started by cold waters, May 29, 2012.

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  1. cold waters

    been fishing the last few mornings and I must say bass fishing is shaping up to the best it has been in years... we are seeing fish from 9" to 40" already... the morning feeds on the surface are WAY better than the last two years combined... I am not saying that they are as good as 3-5 years ago but it is still a bit early to say it isnt going to go huge....

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  2. occams razor

    Hey Brother :

    Glad to here they are showing up you way. They have been here in R.I for two months solid and the menhaden are thick now also but water tempts
    just broke the 70s this past weekend and its all downhill from here. Have
    fun with em !

    The Bluefin are moving through also (footballs to mid size) . The Bank should be lighting up momentarily....

    Tight Lines
  3. cold waters

    another 20 or fish before work this morning...

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  4. occams razor

    Good looking healthy fish...

    You get any with sea lice on them ?
  5. cold waters

    Some sea lice but to be honest... they has been less than expected
  6. occams razor

    I am seeing and hearing the same all over. Guys on the Cape have told me the same thing. I wonder if it has something to do with the warmer tems
    we have had over the winter.....
    I wanted to ask you since you are at the extreme range of the migration.