Bass Fishing Auga Milpa north of PV

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing' started by gringo loco, Mar 26, 2010.

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  1. gringo loco

    I have been fortunate to have met Dave & Barbara Sanders here in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico. These guys came down here to start a bass fish resort out on the dam "aqua Milpa, 40 miles from Tepic and 135 miles North of PV.

    They have spent all their money, sold and mortaged their houses, and exhausted their life saving to get this resort off the ground.

    25% of your bookings goes directly to the "Franko Gonzales Casa de Los Niños" in Tepic. I have been helping them, when I can, with construction and interpetation of espanol. Eventualy when the resort is up and running it is to be turned over to the Orpahange as their business.

    If you love to fish and have a heart go and look up "fishinmissionadventures,com" and see for yourself whats going on out there.

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  2. gringo loco

    Not only great Bass fishing, this is where the "HUICOL INDIANS" live. They fish for Talipa in canoes.

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  3. doorman

    sounds like a noble cause
  4. gringo loco

    Yep, now through June 15th, is a great time to fish Aqua Milpa the water has cleaned up, the seasonal rains have not started, and the big Bass have moved into the bays!! No bugs!!
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  5. slofireguy

    I am not sure how to do this...My girlfriend and I will be staying in Punta Mita the first week of june. We would like to go fishing I am experienced and she is not I am interested in freshwater bass fishing for a day at Aqua Milpa or another near by lake. We will not be able to bring our fishing rods on the plane but possibly could bring some plastic baits. All depends on what they allow on the plane.
    would like to see if we could get any information to contact someone who might be willing to take us...for a fee.