Bass Contest Controversy

Discussion in 'The Bass Fishing Club' started by 26grumpy, Apr 6, 2009.

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  1. 26grumpy

    I must withdraw my photo for the March Photo Contest. I apologize but I had forgot the artificials only rule, my bad. That 11.5# was caught on a live crawdad smothered in UniButter. Actually, I had never read the rules page, just picked up bits and pieces from the previous months contest, maybe that's why my pic is a textbook "how not to photograph a fish". :idiot:

    Again, my bad and thanks Steve BiggestT for calling me out. Steve you're a true gentleman for keeping the field honest.

    I'm going tommorrow and I'm throwing a DD22 into the kelp until my arms fall off to make amends.

    Congrats to the new first place winner !!!:appl:

    Go easy on me boys.....not too many of these please......
  2. Mpoochi

    dude no way........... bummer . hope im second place. nice fish tho. ive never had luck on live crawdads how do you rig it.
  3. BiggestT

    Joe, I think the words "calling me out" are a bit aggressive and I mean that seriously. I recall the photos when they were originally posted and we actually had an exchange regarding the use of Uni Butter on crawdads. I think I saw the hand sign required for the contest, but thought that was done as a joke and did not think the fish was actually submitted for the contest. Then I saw the announcement of the winner and I knew something was wrong. Based on the thread I could tell that you submitted the fish on behalf of Dave. I knew in my discussions with Dave he knew very little about the contest. In fact, he's revealed to me that he's never even registered on BD and now he's used up his allotment of "free viewings" here and is blocked. I also suspected that you might not have realized it was a lure only contest. So I e-mailed the contest announcement to Dave along with the rules. I called him during lunch and described what happened and told him that I would not piss on his party so to speak, leaving the decision up to him. I now know the end result and it was decisions that Dave and you made based on the more complete information I provided. So I did not "call you out", you did it yourself. Evidence of that is that there is no post here by me, nor any PMs to the contest judges. You did the right thing, but there's no surprise on my part with that result.

    Let me say here that for the record I have fished with Dave "Crawdadguy" Clay for over 30 years now. Many of our fishing firsts have been accomplished fishing together and those good events keep happening to this day. I mean we rode out a direct hit from Hurricane Kiko in a trailer at the East Cape and he had to listen as I had sex all night with my future wife in the upper loft as the winds howled at 110 mph. LOL Both of us are honest to a "T" and have nothing to hide, nor would we ever consider cheating to win money or a fishing rod or whatever. It's just not worth risking our name or reputation.

    Now Joe, I haven't fished with you yet and realize that circumstances keep intervening to prevent that, but it will happen. Actually, we haven't yet met in person. I do know that you've fished with Dave a number of times now and that would not happen if you weren't made of good stock. So like I said, not surprised by the result here. You've done good.


    P.S. Dave "Crawdadguy" Clay has had a banner year at Perris, all on crawdads. He was limited to fishing weekends and I was up working on our place in Big Bear on weekends, figuring that the crowds would make the fishing more difficult. From February through the last weekend of March, he C&R'd 4 bass over 10 lbs including that 11-4 here, plus another 4 bass over 9 lbs and those included a 9-13 and a 9-14. Capt. G commented "know he's not bullshitting on the weights, because no one reports a 9-14, they just round it up to 10." Well that's just our standard.

    P.S.S. That last weekend of March Dave had his son Casey out fishing with him (I believe he's about 12 now). Casey hooked a big fish, but due to his inexperience did not move fast enough to the bow where the fish got wrapped in the anchor line. Dave got a good look at the fish before it broke off and estimated it at 9 to 10 lbs. About 3 hours later Dave hooks a good fish in the same spot and lo and behold its got his hook in the lip and about 6" of line from his son's reel. Yep, Dave caught Casey's fish and it went 9-1.

    P.S.S.S. We fished Perris this year, well Dave did, as if it would be our last. First was the news that they would be drawing it down further which could render the launch ramp unusable. They just did not know by which timeframe. Then there was the pending rollout of Quagga Mussel inspections which carried the risk that would include a ban on the use of live crawdads. So we fished as if it would be our last, Dave moreso than I. We thought our results would suck as most of our best spots were out of the water. But the lower water forced us to find more spots and we did. Dave had his best year by far. I never did get any more DD fish after that 12 lb fish on 12/30/08. Lots of 5s to 7s for me. I know Dave did a couple of his DDs with me and I'm always happy to net them for him. So our beloved crawdad fishing at Perris appears to be no more and we believed that lake offered our best chance at a 15+ lb fish. We will have to revisit the drawing board on that.
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  4. Jighead

    Good job for stepping up.
  5. el capo

    That's too bad,go get one on the plastic now Joe!
  6. DreamCatcher

    wow... maybe I have a chance to win now. haha But way to step up Joe and admit you made a mistake! It happens!
  7. 26grumpy

    In a debate over semantics you're right, but your bringing this to attention was the right thing to do Steve. After reading the rules, and as a plastics guy, winning with a bait fish would take away everything that IS "fishing artificials". And I say that without taking anything away from the craft of fishing the crawdad. As you know, crawdad fishing is a total mind game if one is properly "stitching". It's not for the lazy or impatient, again as you well know.

    Dave and I talked about my "gaff" and before he could finish his thought, I told him I needed to withdraw my pic, that it would bring bad karma. I flashed on me hooked to the winning WSB in the upcoming WON torney and watching it bust off at boatside !!!!

    The only thing that's real on fishing web-sites is one's credibility, there are no checks and balances, it's ALL self-regulated. I post on BD because this site and it's members are some of the best that So Cal has to offer, hands down.....the best. Yeah there's alot of BSin' going on but after a couple years on this site you know who's real and who's not. These guys aren't afraid to call it like it is, I like that. It's a pleasure associating myself with some of the best in the business. I think this is a good place to diverge from my self-imposed discussion on credibility and I will just let my fishing do the talking. There was no malice or ill-intent, just a guy who glanced at a web-site at 4:00 AM and that same guy was netting an 11.5# that same afternoon. I got caught up in the moment, told Dave to "pin her down while I take a photo, oh...and stick that tape measure under her", I didn't even have the right sign for the month !!!! Dave didn't know anything about the photo contest, but he does now.

    Again, my bad, and again, thanks for brining this to my attention Steve, you kept the playing field level for everyone. You most certainly did the right thing.

    And I am going tommorrow, with the intent on winning this contest outright. Me and my Norton and my SHAKA !!!!
  8. fishpainter

    ok so who gets the goodies?
  9. Capt. G

    I think I will send you a custom Rago Generic Trout just for being a stand up guy.
  10. PHOTOG

    Man, you are an honest dude, that is GOLD nowadays.

    Bummer about the withdrawal but rules is rules mang.

    You will be rewarded by the fish gods for your honesty.
  11. T BICKLE

    shit happens... at least you admitted it. don't think anyone here will blame ya for it.

    on another note, is the bass contest open to non BD members? just curious
  12. Capt. G

    Only if they look like this.
  13. Sluester

    Why would it be?
  14. T BICKLE

    ok well here's my submission to the bass lookalike contest
  15. T BICKLE

    just brought it up because of this comment made by BiggestT

    "Based on the thread I could tell that you submitted the fish on behalf of Dave. I knew in my discussions with Dave he knew very little about the contest. In fact, he's revealed to me that he's never even registered on BD and now he's used up his allotment of "free viewings" here and is blocked."
  16. PHOTOG

    Bass contest is open to anyone, its free to register there is no issue with being a veteran member or any shit like that, worst case scenario, you hang a good one, your bro tells you to measure photo and submit it, so you register and submit....its all good.
  17. Josh D

    Good Stuff Guys!
    Obviously a simple oversite.
    Still a killer fish!!

    Not to complicate this for anyone (Sorry Jesse) but I wondered about this a little to:
    "is the bass contest open to non BD members?"
    Good Question?

    Last month I had some out of town guests on board during a sick sandbass bite (after hooping) with some fish that would have been worthy but I didn't submit them because they were random guests. Even if I did hook & hand 'em:)

    I reviewed the rules (& saw nothing) before submitting that calico because I didn't catch it, my brother did. He is (was?) a registered member here but hasn't posted since we sold "The Striper" and hasn't been on the water much since the last 1.5 years have not been kind to him (or his job/house/computer). Mike has been a partner in my previous 2 boats & is my brother so I didn't seem much difference in me submitting that photo than of Trix submitting that sic pic of his wife with that huge bay sandy (which IMO was totally legit).

    It's not a big deal, I'm trying to get my brother back into the game & catching that fish was the best thing that's happened to him in a long time. Just want to make sure everything is on the table.
  18. PHOTOG

    Josh, dont sweat it. its all just fun.
  19. T BICKLE

    way to go josh! did you get a weight on that cali? beast for sure
  20. spike

    Congrats to both Josh (Josh D) & Joe (26 grumpy), on very nice brute bass catches.