Baker Lake or Lake Wenatchee?

Discussion in 'Washington State' started by Brabo1432, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. Brabo1432

    I am thinking of taking kids for some sockeye... which is better? :hali_olutta:
  2. Fish_kid

    Hmmm... pluses and minuses to both...

    Lake Wenatchee sockeye run about 2-3 pounds each... Baker Lake sockeye run 4-10 pounds each.

    Baker is a shorter run from Renton, but the bite is pretty early, so you need to camp or leave at an ungodly hour for kids... We left Kirkland at 5am and had lines in just before 8am... too late for good action, which is from 5-8-ish. It was tough fishing after that with a bite every 2-3 hours.

    Lake Wenatchee is a longer run, but from what I have heard, the fish are more cooperative and the bite lasts longer into the day.

    There are reports on both fisheries in the Fresh Water section if you can ignore the ranting on sharing etc and read for techniques.

    PM me if you would like more info on how I fish Baker.
  3. Hunter Dan

    We were hearing about lights out fishing in lake Wenatchee on the vhf radio while we were getting blanked in MA9 last sunday.....I'd say go east, not north young man!
  4. Genie Aye

    out of the two---Baker for sure. But I would go fish Brewster area on the river.