Baja Bytes Conditions Recap May 15, 2012

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  1. Baja Bytes BD Writer

    Baja Bytes

    Gary Graham

    Never know what you might catch below the border.

    Baja Norte

    Coronado Islands
    The yellowtail decided to chew yesterday and bit from mid-morning until evening.
    No change in tactics…setting up on the anchor along the ridge and running through the middle grounds was the number one location. There are fish spread out all over the Islands however. There is a small dab of yellow running up and down the ridge at North Island on the weather side. South kelp ridge has yellowtail on it and the Rockpile also continues to hold fish.
    Not much sign of breezers or bird-school fish anymore. Right now the birds are on Barracuda mostly.

    Speaking of which there are some pretty good schools of barracuda at Ribbon Kelp and at South Kelp. The latter also has a little bit of Calico Bass action as well.
    Provided by

    Bait receiver back in service.
    Visitors Brad Billingsley and his son Michael from Crested Butte, Colorado, came up with a few keepers this week.
    Reports of a local boat catching six albacore near the 238 and the lower 500 is the most welcome news for the local fleet for several years.

    San Quintin
    Kickback day…
    Great trip:

    Gonzaga Bay
    That's a fat cabrilla!...Ali

    Bay of Los Angeles
    Lodging information

    Baja Sur

    Santa Rosalia
    Still some nice yellows for the taking.

    Camping information:

    Marina a mess with construction; Carmen Island was the hot spot.

    Magdalena Bay

    Lots of small yellow tail breezing around about 15 miles out. The marlin are here as the shark fishermen are getting them in their nets. Harvey saw several stripers come in on the pangas with the sharks. Still kind of windy but the water is starting to warm and there are still lots of sardines around. In the bay lots of sculpin are being caught and also some nice-sized grouper. Bob Hoyt, Mag Bay Outfitters.​

    La Paz & Los Arenas
    Love it when the youngsters are all smiles like Olivia here with Captain Victor and her first roosterfish!

    East Cape
    Stripers are tough with little live bait available.

    San Jose del Cabo
    Variety brings lots of smiles:

    Los Cabos
    1150 continues to produce.
    Nighttime swordfish lured with allure.

    Cabo surf fishing, accommodations and car rental advice.

    Mexico Mainland

    Puerto Penasco
    Some tips woPuerto Penasco
    Some tips worth saving if you are planning a trip:

    San Carlos
    Went out trolling...ran into a few schools of dorado…really small, but we kept five or six that were all messed up by the hook and released about a dozen more.Saw one sail and two marlin jumping.We decided to come back in at noon and since the water was so nice we dropped down some dorado belly as cut bait, got lucky with a nice grouper before heading back to the marina.​


    The water temps are rising rapidly throughout the Mazatlan area and the annual return of dorado at the buoys is expected any day now.The billfish bite was off a little this past week with boats averaging a billfish per boat day in the offshore waters.Even the super pangas landed a couple of sailfish as the water temps moved up.The numbers of offshore charters were very slow with only four boats reporting for the week reflecting three stripers and one sailfish, one dorado and one jack crevalle for their efforts.​

    Puerto Vallarta

    Slow fishing a disappointment for tournament.

    The ankle measurement gave us 13.5", placing this blue at an impressive 350 pounds.



    ust wrapped up another great season here in Guatemala on the 'Decisive'. We released 1188 billfish in 95 days of fishing, many of which were caught flyfishing. There is only one place in the world you can average over 12 billfish releases a day for a season and that is GUATEMALA!!! Thank you to all our great anglers who fished with us and all our loyal sponsors...Eagle Claw Hooks, Pelagic Gear, Alutecnos Tackle, Legend Lures and Berkley Trilene Line. We'll start back up here in the middle of October, bookings are rolling in and we are looking forward to another great season ahead. Capt. Brad Phillips

    Costa Rica
    August advice
    Where to fish…with locals or on the beach?
    More info:

    Popper trumps yellowfin.

    Final Thoughts

    While Southern California’s fishing for the 2012 season is still in the formative stages, ‘below the border’ becomes a literal field of dreams…stripers, at Los Cabos, with yellowfin tuna soon to follow and for the bucket list crowd, even the possibility of catching a swordfish! Roosters from the beach take center stage a East Cape and Punta Arena, while dorado begin their annual show in the Sea of Cortez. Not a bad laundry list of fishing opportunities for anglers in search of some action. ​

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  2. BloodydecksOutdoors

    great report Gary. that's a pretty darn nice sword. are many guys fishing at night for swordies down there?
  3. Baja Bytes BD Writer

    The boat was running some checks on their electrical systems, checking the radar, sonar, FLIR and the crew put a couple of lines in the water while they were testing.

    May be some more boats that take a shot at night fishing with those results...