Baja Bytes Conditions Recap February 28, 2012

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  1. Baja Bytes BD Writer

    Baja Bytes

    Many interesting questions asked about Below the Border destinations are sprinkled throughout this week's report and the BD regulars, as always have freely given great answers and advice…enough to fill a notebook. If you have a question, BD is the place to find the answer.

    Baja Norte



    Watch out for yellow fever.


    Directions and gear to take:

    San Felipe

    Good info on launch ramps as well as on the road going south from home owners in area.

    Baja Sur

    Bahia Asuncion, La Bocana and Abreojos


    No yellowtail for a few weeks; big swell has made a lot of murky water so it's hard to find the big home-guard fish we usually have this time of year. Nice bottom fishing though....not many clients either…Shari Bondi

    Santa Rosalia and Mulege

    North winds not gone yet according to locals. A few brave fishermen did find some Santa Rosalia signature yellowtail action for at least one day.



    Magdalena Bay


    Lassley finds 'em…again!

    La Paz & Los Arenas


    Big yellowtail were once again the focus and highlight of the week with good actions just offshore close to the beaches and rocks. This big fat yellowtail is so thick it almost looks like a yellowfin tuna! Jerry Clark from Kansas City poses on the beach at Bahia de Los Muertos. Our pangas took 2 to 4 of these yellowtail per day this week but lost others to the rocks!

    Hotel info:

    East Cape


    Soon coming, well maybe a couple of months…


    Valerie rocks out in her front yard at Las Frailes beach, Baja Sur. Go Valerie!

    Captain Vicente lands his beach rooster


    Felipe Valdez with his beach caught yellowtail…

    What sort of tackle to bring for Los Barriles beach fishing?

    Transfers with T.T. Cabo Del Este - Will they stop at Mega for groceries?

    Where would you spend December - Los Barriles, Loreto or Todos Santos?

    East Cape Newbie - What to do? Answers:

    Los Barriles: Anybody interested in sharing a great panga the first week in April?

    San Jose del Cabo

    Home guard or early arrivals?

    Los Cabos


    Hauling boat from Texas…which way?

    Question: who to fish with…


    Mexico Mainland

    San Carlos


    Yellowtail tournament results:



    A good day for snapper, trigger fish, grunts and Mazatlan.

    Puerto Vallarta


    Tuna raging…


    Another 'swordy' on deck.


    Fishing from a small center console in Puerto Vallarta.






    Starting them young!!! We released 39 sailfish from 46 bites today. Great anglers together with Eagle Claw circle hooks made for awesome averages!!! Darren Philipps (aged 3) released his first of two sailfish today; some say he might be getting a head start on things!!!!

    Brad Phillips

    Costa Rica


    Pop goes the cubera.



    Julio watches Rudy Nelson from Mexicali repeat his catch of exactly three decades ago matching the weight to the ounce! Good going Rudy…


    Plenty of variety from top to bottom.

    Final Thoughts


    Reading this report proves the durability of the fishing areas I cover. Fishing below the border reminds me of a kid's "whack-a-mole." As one hot area goes cold another pops up somewhere else.

    This week's catches consisted of mossback yellows, swordfish, huge tuna and my friend Rudy Nelson accomplishing the impossible! Duplicating his catch of a 510-pound blue marlin three decades ago on his recent trip to Tropic Star, thirty years to the day, he landed another 510-pound black at the age of 72 with his buddy Julio Meza at his side. I agree with Julio…WOW!

  2. vseasport

    Wow is right! Great report. Thanks Gary.
  3. BloodydecksOutdoors

    great report Gary! That black sure looks bigger than 510 to me!
  4. fishman007

    You're killing me Gary. I have Baja salivation..Nice report!