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    Baja Bytes
    Gary Graham

    Minerva called last night to say that the politicos are up to no good; they're
    trying to commercialize dorado again. Minerva has fought on behalf of dorado
    for many years, spending her own money to attend the hearings and tirelessly
    working to make sure that sportfishing has a voice at the hearings. If you
    would like to read her planned presentation, here is the link: BIOLOGICAL FOUNDATION OF THE INITIATIVE.docx

    Baja Norte

    La Salina​

    Question regarding Tijuana crossing and La Salina launching…


    Mr. Jonathan Alva from Chula Vista, CA fished on V-I with Beto landing reds,
    bass and his first big lingcod of Punta Banda waters on dropper loops with
    anchovies and squid.


    Red's dead.

    San Quintin

    Spring break beaching.
    Visa info:

    San Felipe

    Question? San Felipe.

    Bay of Los Angeles


    Baja midsection earthquakes…

    On Wednesday afternoon, April 11, a 6.5-magnitude quake shook
    western and central Mexico, including the capital, but no major
    damage or casualties were reported.

    And on April 12 (Prensa Latina), two new earthquakes rocked the Baja
    peninsula in the Mexican State of Baja California Sur on Thursday
    morning, but no casualties were reported.

    The strongest earth tremor, with a magnitude of 6.9 degrees
    on the Richter's scale, had its epicenter off the coast,109 km
    from the town of Guerrero Negro, and occurred at 02:15 hours,
    local time (07:15 GMT), according to preliminary information from the
    Seismological Service of Mexico.

    About ten minutes before, a 6.2-magnitude earthquake had been reported in the same area.

    Both earthquakes were also felt in a wide area of northwestern Mexico,
    causing alarm among local residents and foreign tourists who were
    there to watch the gray whales that swim near the coast during this time of the year.

    Questions and more importantly, answers!

    Baja Sur

    Bahia Asuncion, La Bocana and Abreojos

    Abalone season underway

    San Lucas Cove

    Yellowtail tournament info


    Some of the trophies and prizes for The Great Loreto Yellowtail Tournament

    La Paz & Los Arenas

    Skip Coomber usually comes to La Paz several times a year, but had not
    visited for a few years; however, he made the most of a
    recent trip heading out to fish Cerralvo Island and using mackerel,
    he took two nice yellowtail like this one.
    Skip is from the San Diego area.

    North end of Cerralvo

    Scouting La Paz in August.

    East Cape

    Weather Cam


    Sounds like fishing is like a Baja "10" at Tio Pablo's on Sunday night
    at closing time…bad

    Flyfishing update:

    San Jose del Cabo

    Double up-
    Wahoo lures and colors.

    Beaching it.

    Los Cabos


    September review:

    Windy week

    More beach stuff.

    On Sunday April 15th, two commercial fishermen, Guadalupe y Baltazar,

    Mexico Mainland

    San Carlos

    We saw marlin but couldn’t get them to bite. Supposedly my friends had one
    or two on the day before. Lots of life out there. The wind came up the next
    day and cooled things off though. There were some huge tuna being caught
    on the other side. The yellowtail have been finicky and possibly spawning.
    One boat cleaned up with fish from 13 to 39 pounds, but for the most part
    they’ve been tough and absent out front. Tons of nice calico bass out there.
    I think the inshore is waiting for some warmer water. Hopefully, the winds will
    start to die down here and let things warm up.


    The striper bite for the Aries Fleet was more than a tick upward this past
    week, even as the full moon arrived. All of the offshore sportfishers had
    more than one opportunity to land a billfish and there appeared to be some
    pretty steady action out to the southwest of the Marina El Cid.

    Puerto Vallarta

    Biggest ever…on rod and reel.

    Tuna bite, dogs howl.

    Shore fishing Punta Mita.



    Mexican National Teodoro Alonso is an excellent fly caster
    and had a fun day with Adolfo on the Dos Hermanos.



    Apr 16th, 2012
    'Decisive' released 17 sails today. Yesterday we released 11 sails
    and pulled a hook on a 300lb blue. The fishing is still great
    and we have some open days in late April and May.





    Final Thoughts


    Enough said…


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