baiting a mahi in??

Discussion in 'Hawaii Fishing Reports' started by bricyn, May 16, 2012.

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  1. bricyn

    sorry sorry... another rookie question.

    what does it mean to bait a mahi in?? i read that when the bite is slow when trolling and you find a mahi school... sometimes you can switch out the lures and catch them with bait.

    just wondering if you stop the engines and just throw the bait over board with a hook and just let it sink and wait for a bite... or do you troll a piece of squid or opelu behind the boat really slowly?

    any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  2. East Side

    A lot of variables. Best to go fish with somebody & see it in action.

    It'd be a long write up.

    Here's a small clip of basic 'hawaiian style' bating mahi. Courtesy of Capt Brendt on the Dana lol.


    But......basically your running a charile (aku) behind the boat to draw them in. & then dropping the bait (saba/ika/aku strips/akule/opelu/etc) back near them while dropping palu in the when they take the bait i let em go for a 2-3 second count, normally they swallow the hook & it's game over lock up the drag & stuck em. Seeing the fish makes it a lot easier....overcast days sometimes hard if your in a boat with no flybridge.

    I could write another few paragraphs but i'll let others fill in the blanks a little bit more.
  3. volcanic

    Captain Brendt is a masterbaiter!!! I mean that in the most respectful way.
  4. bricyn

    thanks very much for the response!!! this helps out a lot. im going to go practice this weekend and let yall know how it went! mahalo again!!!
  5. East Side

    Another small tip
    First thing in the morning if your at the buoy (alone). 'Good chance' there's one or 2 mahi around, some days theres more. So typically after the first 5-6 passes if no bites.
    Breakdown really quick....drop a charlie & pop it in gear nice n slow.....drag em & see if anything comes in & follows.
    Normally if they come in quick....they hungry.

    If she bite, she bite :2gunsfiring_v1:
    If she no bite...gotta figure em out or move on :rofl:

    BTW...always hook your charlie with a sizable/comparable hook. One minute you could be drawing in 10-30lb mahi.
    And then when you least expect it, da 500lb guy with the big long nose can pop up & fuck your shit up......don't ask me how i know this :hali_ruahahaha:
  6. changboy

    saltwater no be one hater this is BD!
  7. East Side

    lol....the video has been up for 4 1/2 years. :2gunsfiring_v1:
    Doubt random people who watched the video even noticed he was 'baiting'.
  8. 2quartslow

    I just want to add a comment in respect to the fisherman who learned how to bait by paying their dues. When I say paying their dues, I am talking about when a fisherman was once a crew member getting yelled at by his captain on how to do things. Some may say that it is a privilege to be trained how to bait a Mahi Mahi. Even to this day if you would ask an old time fisherman how to bait a Mahi Mahi, I can almost guarantee he will tell you "sorry, that is something that you would have to learn on your own"-unless you were his deckhand for awhile and learned how. Now do not get me wrong when I say this, because I am all for the vast amount of info available at our fingertips. But, somethings should be left untold on the world wide web. I am pretty sure if someone had a honey hole of Onaga and the spot was handed down through the generations of ones family that they would not be advertising it on the web for everyone to see.

    Fortunately, that video only shows him hooked up to the fish. And not actually all the steps he went through to hook them.

  9. Da.Ching808

    I learned many 3 different captains (Craig, Rahn and Don) how to bait mahi mahi... They are same method and taught me how.. But there many different way to bait mahi..
  10. Dropper Loop

    I don't think anyone is gonna load em up after watching YouTube.
  11. 2quartslow

    YouTube is for YouTube. The advice and info that is/has been given away about baiting Mahimahi is/has been given away so freely is the subject at hand. Not weather or not someone can load em up after watching a video. The video shows nothing but the fish already hooked. It's the info that many fishermen worked hard for and the honor to have learned first hand by a mentor/captain that is now being given away like toilet paper.

    Stoney sounds bothered about this??? I can guarantee that I am not the only one. For all the guys that want to learn, I suggest hooking up with a local fisherman and learning hands on.....if you are serious about it.

    You want to give advice on how to tie a knot, what pound test to use, best gear to use, best charter to book, etc..etc.... Thats fine and dandy. But, leave the hard earned techniques off the forum for the respect of the many fishermen before us and the few fishermen today that worked hard to master it.

  12. shinchan

    Aloha Bricyn,
    check this book out, it has info on how to catch different flag fish in Hawaii, including "bait and switch" technique for mahis. You'll find it at the Hawaii Fishing News website.
    Tight lines,

  13. elevated

    make sure not to "spook the pod..."
  14. Captain Jeff Illingworth

    MY GOD!
  15. bricyn

    mahalo randy!!
  16. shinchan

    You're welcome, hope it helps you catch more fish!
  17. captdon1

    OH BOY.................WHAT CAN I SA........................NOT EVEN GONNA GO THERE!!
  18. randay

    This the new show "Wicked Dolphin"?
  19. jma1978

    I took your advice, and went out with an oldtimer (aka Stoney), and trusty Capt Don. Learned a little about baiting mahis. Did I pay my dues? Not even close. Got yelled at for sending out the bait when I wasn't supposed to. Then the captain got angry for using all the bait as palu (but at least the mahis were happy). Took some cracks from the angry seas, although mostly because capt thought it was funny to watch Chris get bashed by the waves (I thought it was kinda funny too, sorry Chris). And learned that baiting mahi is a skill that can't be taught on a forum.
    Maybe my dues will be paid after another 10 years of learning how to find the birds, how to read the birds, how to drop the bait, and how to actually get the buggahs to bite the bait. Although I'm not sure that in another ten years I'll be able to run around the deck like that spring chicken Capt. Don!
  20. Da.Ching808

    Hahaha it hard to hear it.. I'm deaf and It. Take while to learn a lot skills.. Glad u learning from expert and patience... It take a lot skills