Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by LBBC, Sep 3, 2008.

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  1. LBBC

    Hey all BD'ers- Just wanted to give you guys an update. Due to NAval Manuevers the coast guard has made us (and NAcho and Bill's Bait) abandon our receiver until Late Friday Afternoon. We will be back on line then, but have not been given a specific time that we can send a person out there yet. I will post Friday night and let you know the status. Thanks for your patience and enjoy your week.
  2. Luhr'd Away

    Inside the harbor?
  3. Captaineeick

    yes they are inside the harbor
  4. Luhr'd Away

    Just wondering what the Navy is doing that they would require them to leave the receiver for that amount of time. Can I navigate the waters to access open water?
  5. dkd711

    I was there today. They blocked me off and told me to go around the breakwall. I was wondering why u all were closed in the early AM. thought everyone had a killer labor day and ran out of bait... lol... the channel was still open, but there is a large navy ship parked near the bait receivers so you gotta stay 1000 yards away. Huntington harbor was not affected. Got skunked by the way since I only had cut squid and boy was it rough out today....
  6. LBBC

    Yeah- Sorry about that guys. It was totally out of our hands. We should be back on line Friday night/early sat am when we get the green light from cg/ Navy. Thanks for your patience!
  7. jcook

    Now that's funny Bill's
  8. LBBC

    UPDATE! THE BARGE IS BACK IN BUSINESS!!!! THey have cleared us to go back out. Brian will be out there in a couple of hours. Provider is fishing Bait tonight and all is well!
  9. TheGunslinger

    Thanks. We will see ya Fri night or early Sat. morning Gary

    Went to cat last sat with LB BAIT. it all died.
  11. Waterpup

    I've used them many many times and NEVER had bait die. Check your pump.
  12. laitwolley

    went out sat with LLBC and nothing rolled on us and we went to cat . generous scoop i might say . thanks again LLBC

    bait boat was there so maybe it came strait of the boat.pump is fine.
  14. IDRC Mike

    I've always had great success with bait from both LBBC or Nacho. It doesn't seem like anyone south of Newport enjoys the great bait that we seem to get up here.

    Checking the pump is a good idea and also check the sea strainer if your system has one. Hope you have better luck with your bait next time.
  15. Fundad

    I always get great bait from LBBC.....

    Great price and most of all a great attitude..

    At Nachos all you get is attitude...

  16. T Shark

    I was next in line when Eddie got his bait and after seeing the weak scoop of HOT bait that he recieved after giving the guy a ten dollar tip. I said no thanks. Went back over to Nacho. I did buy a scoop about a month ago from LBBC after seeing all the hype and it was the best scoop I have gotten in a long time. The week after that I tried LBBC again and all I got was a tank full of weak bait and scales. I have been treated pretty good from Nacho for several years and I will remain his customer after the LBBC expieriance.
  17. Fin Fever

    I have always been happy with the bait from LBBC both the quantity and quality. If you were unhappy with the quality once, I wouldnt bash them publicly. Send a discrete PM with your issue and give them a chance to improve or make it up to you or whatever. Overall I would say that LBBC is a class act with good service and quality bait.
  18. woodpile

    thanks for the heads up..i will be out early to pick up some bait..
  19. TheGunslinger

  20. medunn16

    I still miss Sam..........................................