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Discussion in 'Check Out My Boat' started by progress_1, Feb 25, 2006.

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  1. progress_1

    spent the day installing the bait tank and finishing up some other projects. then starting a few more damm Attenion deficet crap. got to add another gell coat to tank tomorrow am. but its all plummed new 1100 gph pump. so now its 35 gal and 55 gal bait tanks..

    BAITTANK 004.jpg BAITTANK 007.jpg BAITTANK 006.jpg BAITTANK 013.jpg BAITTANK 015.jpg
  2. progress_1

    finish pics.

    BAITTANK 011.jpg BAITTANK 009.jpg
  3. Double Z

    That's a huge tank! I put the 45 gallon on mine but the engine box takes up more space than with your outboard. I hardly use my stocker anymore.

    Those control rods for the seacocks are way cool.
  4. Ali Admin

    Looks good. Only Grady would put seacock extensions in!

    I would REALLY reccoment encapsulating that would in a couple of coats of resin. It will turn to mush in short order if not.

    Sweet rig.
  5. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Nice bait tank, But I'm more impressed with the old Chevy in the driveway, Very nice:)
  6. progress_1

    yea Gato when i took the deck plate off i noticed that. they are pressure treated and that area over the tanks is sealed.
  7. Captain Curt

    Thanks for sharing your install with us Scott. I'm with Bill, cool car in the driveway.


    The boat Hanna.......
  8. progress_1

    thanks Bill,
    seams like there is always work to do on something around here.
  9. FishGuru

    Nice job there Scott, cant wait to hook up and slay some fish with ya... Its time to get the nice clean deck bloody....