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  1. topdog

    anybody know what time nacho closes? i know he opens at 5am.

  2. Reel Trouble

    I don't think he closes, just get's pissed waking up in the middle of the night for a 1/2 scoop. Unless you have something to give him.....

  3. MacAttack

    Ice Cold sixer of Miller - 24/7 service, with a smile.
  4. 45king

    HE GETS FUCKIN ANGRY FOR SURE. dont wake him in the middle of the night bro. im giving you a heads up hahahaha hes a grump if you wake him
  5. topdog

    i know all about him being a dick if woken, thats why im asking? and he cant drink hes a diabetic, and yes other things help but i think he has an unofficial/official time he closes.
  6. topdog

    last night 10 pm nacho was closed, bill's was out of bait repairing recievers.......had to head north to the light and found a BS scoop of half kelp and half dead dines from bill's other reciever. bunk