Bahia De Los Angeles Memorial Wknd

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by yellowklr, May 30, 2012.

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  1. yellowklr

    Left San Diego and 8.5 Hours later we were checking in at Costa Del Sol..........

    Sunday We had WFO YT and had limits early and just goofed around after that and headed in early to get started on the vacuum packing.......WE had a tank full of live Macks but i got all my fish on the Iron. About 80% of the fish were on the surface but a few were down on the reefs.

    Monday we decided to go to La Guardia to see if we could find some Cabrilla/Groupers
    Well we had WFO fishing again with Leapard Groupers,Golden Groupers,Sheephead,More YT and lots of Misc Fish.
    I was on the bow casting plastics and it was heaven.....A fish a cast and some real nice ones. We were in 5-20 ft of water with no wind and clear water. We left them biting with a box FULL of fish.

    Joel Prieto
    Joel is a SUPER nice guy and a great Capitan. He is always there when you need something and is always aware of what is going on.
    His panga is 25ft with a T-Top and full electronics. Also he was on time or early on both fishing days and even agreed to go extra early on the last day.
    GRACIAS JOEL!!!!!!

    Costa Del Sol
    Great place to stay! Clean,comfortable,secure and real nice people! They also have a real nice restaurant/Bar and will cook your fish for cheap!

    Not too many fish pics I was a little busy catching fish!

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  2. No Bail

    Nice fish.
  3. 4baja

    good job!!! told you not to worry that the fish will be there!!!
  4. Captain Juan SQ

    awsome derek,we were there on the 25 and 26 but it was blowing hard.
    nice report and pics,muchas gracias.
  5. MateoFeo

    Yeah buddy! I'm jealous. Glad it went well. So nice to be there when the wind is mellow. Thanks for the report Derek
  6. yellowklr

    few more

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  7. juliomeza


    please, do not kill my pets please, i did not like when you said a full thank of cabrilla, good you do not know my numbers and you do not stop by BoLA often

    take some fillets for juanchys

  8. yellowklr

    Was never worried but Prepared for everything!!!!
    Thanks for the help
  9. yellowklr

    I hope you are joking????? I never said a full tank of Cabrilla......I said full box of fish!!!! Not that I need to explain :rofl:
    I WILL be going to BOLA often now that its making a comeback..........
    Fillets for Juanchys??????
  10. GUERO

    Derek, if the wife wasn't there, we don't need pics. We know what Bahia yellows look like.
  11. yellowklr

    Yeah she was working.....The good news is she is fishing Cabo with me in a few weeks!!!!

    Hard to top this trip!
  12. yoyoman

    nice thanks for the report, sure sounds like a lot of Fun. would of been nice to see pictures of Golden Gruppers and Cabrillas. glad you were able to find good conditions and fish. off to a good start
  13. yellowklr

    Too much excitement to take pictures!!!
  14. yellowklr

    Got this Sheephead in 10 feet of water on a Fishtrap..............Dontated LOTS of plastics to the Sea Of Cortez this trip!

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    Joel is the man down there!

    nice fish!
  16. BloodyL

  17. juliomeza

    that is better, i got it

    juanchys like cabrilla, favorite fish

    BoLA is the most productive place for leopard groupers, my pets
  18. yellowklr

    Yep won't find me killing a cooler full of Leapards...........or Groupers
    Plenty for the freezer though!!!!
  19. Deno

    Looks like good times dude... I miss that place.
  20. amnajar

    My boys probaby got just got there by now, hope they have a trip like yours... Thanks for sharing!