Bad week for fishing.

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by TheMarlinHunter, Feb 15, 2012.

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  1. TheMarlinHunter

    Hey guys I have been talking with guides and it seems this week has been shit for offshore fishing. I am coming down to cab febuary 22nd and I'm wondering has any one caught any marlin or good amounts of tuna THIS week? Do you guys think fishing will improve for next week or is it to late tot tell. Please keep me updated guys on the fishing.

    Tight lines and good luck to all
  2. Htnfool

    I am hanging in Cabo til the 21. waiting for the ind to break (my keyboard iz fucked right nou). Zuper Vindy. Tempz dropping. I have a z1' Triumph boat in the marina. Been vatching the bigger boatz head out and coming home empty or a couple zierra, lame deal for that kind of money. Fizh are there juzt got to be in there to find them.
  3. Grand Grouper

  4. PezGallo2

    Word is today a 569lb Blue Marlin was taken out at Cabrillo Seamount...about 40 miles out from Cabo.
  5. TheMarlinHunter

    Damn I thought they were not in season!! What boat caught it?
  6. Hough

    The story is confirmed and true. The boat was a charter boat "Ziggy". Water temperature was 72F and several boats have been fishing that area the past few days with a few Striped Marlin being caught.

    Several big Blues, not a lot but a few have been caught the past month in Cabo waters. They must have gotten lost?

  7. TheMarlinHunter

    That's crazy, I hoping to get some striped marlin and tuna on wednesday.
  8. Htnfool

    I saw the fish. It was a monster. Unbelievable it was in the area. I would have sworn that it was brought in from PV or somewhere south of here about 300 miles. It has been very windy and i saw water temps of 62.3 (no shit) on my temp gauge juzt 5 milez up the beach. All the charter boatz are fizhing pretty cloze to the arch, really. the temp at the arch iz a hot 66.6 degreez. Yellotail in the reztricted area.... I am holding out for another 3 dayz.
  9. TheMarlinHunter

    I am really excited about going to cabo, and I hope the fishin picks up by then.
  10. Hough


    If you want to fish the Cabrillo Seamount, you'd best check with your charter boat. Not a lot of them want to make a 40 mile one way run to fish? Most of the boats are fishing close in shore for Yellowtail.

    Good Luck,

  11. PezGallo2

    That's correct...Manny on Ziggy got the Blue. He's a friend of my crew & has also been doing good on the YFT out at Cabrillo. We'll make the run if you want to go....SST shows warmest/clear water out behind cabrillo. El Bandito is a quick boat w/twin turbo cummings diesel.

    Jackson - next week is the new moon phase so hopefully fishing picks up while you're down there. Good luck & give us a report.

    Redhot Sportfishing
    29ft Blackfin - El Bandito
    Cabo San Lucas, MX
  12. TheMarlinHunter

    Hey guys, thanks for all the responses. The charter company I'm going with is willing to 60miles out to find fish.