Baby Einstein Turns Kids Into Baby Homer Simpson

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by MacAttack, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. MacAttack

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    Holy Shit - got to tell my kids not to let Logan see this stuff anymore!
    Don’t want him to end up like his Grandpa. DOH! :imdumb:
  2. imblane's son

    WOW, that is a really interesting article. i never would have thot of that.
  3. Nancinator

    I went to one of my friend's house three days ago. She is upper class does everything the other mom's do in the non-working stay at home clique. She asked me if I have the baby einstein videos. When I said no, she gasped and gave me a dirty look like how dare I don't have the videos. She put one on swearing Baby Maya would love it. Baby and I were both bored. Maya continued to play with a tag on her stuft animal...I laughed when this report came out...I guess I'm doing alright as a first time mom by playing with my kid.
  4. Az.monkey

    How dare you act like a parent to little Maya, you just might form her into a respectable and responsible human being with your interactions and that's 1 less drain on society. Go to your room now and sit in shame !
  5. lokegirl48

    Have you all noticed our kids have as much or more fun with the box than the toy?? If you just lay it all in their lap how will they learn to create?? Kids recognize this on their own until we subdue it at Toys R Us. Imagination and playing WITH your child, interacting and talking to them is the way. Any electronic babysitter is only just that. They need US