Awesome Day with San Diego Sportfish

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by jjandhavoc, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. jjandhavoc

    Was very fortunate to have Captain Rod offer to take me and my buddy fishing. We were both combat injured and both have a prostetic leg. I posted up here in hopes of finding a cool boat with a cool captain who would help us out with manuevering and such i have a fucked up hand as well. Well i definatly got it. Captain Rod was the shit. Way exceded my expectations. If i ever recommend any charters to anyone he is the top of the list.

    We went for halibut today and we got em! we started early and fished the IB area. We got a few species. Bass, Shark, and halibut. 3 way over legal(kept), 2 just above legal (released to avoid any conflict), and about 8 more shorts... yes that many halibut. Not counting hook pops ect. My buddy got THREE halibut his first time fishing..... me zero. But it was still an awesome day. Had a great time with Captain Rod and Mike.

    Me and Daniel are Truly Grateful!

    If anyone is looking to be put on the fish and have a great captain that will totally set you up and help you out Captain Rod with San Diego Sportfish is spot on!

    Here are some pics.

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  2. Tunahead

    WAY TO GO guys some damn nice butts there! LOL
  3. la vida

    Great day!!!!!
  4. TadyPaddy

    Nice going JJ.. He's the best to get you some butt's
  5. SDSportfish

    Daniel had the hot stick today JJ. Not bad for his first time ever fishing in the ocean!!!!!
    Thanks for the laughs and the day on the water.
    Thanks most of all for the perspective on what is really important in life.
    Cant wait for our next trip.
    Daniel set the bar pretty high but I think we can catch up!!!
  6. Simon Bon Bowery

    Way to Go Capt Rod.....[​IMG]

    Sorry about giving you shit last night about steeling my Marine...<label for="rb_iconid_10">[​IMG]</label>

    I'm really happy you guys had a good day.. You guys did way better than we did.. So you made the right choice...[​IMG]

    Only one short and some bass, for us today....
  7. geno machino

    Way Cool Rod!!!

    Congrates to the both of you for getting on some 'butts. :-)

    Thank you for your service. I owe my freedom to men like you.

    Geno Machino
  8. Johnny J

    A day like that is going to be hard to beat. Very cool.
  9. All Business

    nice work.. another hat trick from capt. rod.. the man is a machine.
  10. SDSportfish

    I just got lucky twice...

    got to fish with JJ and Daniel

    found some biters.

    These guys grinded, 12 hours on the water, only went in the house between drifts and didn't miss a fish. It was tough fishing today but they earned 'em!!!!!! I had it easy!!! Bait a hook, tie a knot and eat a dozen of Mikes' better half homemade cookies.........doesnt get much better.
  11. Bank Robber

    WTG Guys! Nice flatties.

    Thank you for your service and your sacrifice JJ and Daniel.

    Rod, good going getting these young men out there and on some fish!
  12. SDSportfish

    quick side note the bait from EBros is 5"-7" with a random 9" and a min mac in the mix and the best quality bait you can ever ask for. We got a great full scoop and as bumpy as it was we didnt loose a single piece all day and they were so hot we went up an extra ounce on weight just to avoid tangles on the drift. Can't wait to fly line a bait like these on a paddy's been too long!!!
  13. Reuben

    Damn nice fish! Congrats
  14. Carl

    Nice job guys :appl:....We spent 6 hr.s at IB yesterday for the helmet before we moved and got into em elsewhere. I'm surprised we didn't see you out there.
  15. Chris Penning

    Fellas, I'm super stoked you got out on the water. Even more stoked that you can after your misfortunes, many of our brothers can't.

    Not sure where my feelings fall on the fact that somebody was gracious enough to haul your sorry asses out there, but it ranks pretty high too.

    Killer butts :finger:

    If you make it to the east coast let me know and we'll wet a line.

  16. SeaChief

    BAD ASS!

    Thanks Capt Rod for taking care of a couple of Americas finest.
  17. spacebull1

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  18. brantc

    You're a class act Rodney....very cool of you. Congrats to the nice fish and day on the water.
  19. I'M OFF

    A great BD report!! Good going.
  20. Ali Admin

    Big karma points for Rod!