Avet sx raptor or Talica ii 12?

Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by rusn007, Jul 14, 2013.

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  1. rusn007

    I'm thinking of getting a new reel, something that can handle anything up to a 3 day trip. I was thinking of either avet sx raptor or talica ii 12. This would be my first lever drag reel. Probably will pair it up to a Phenix 700h.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I should go for talica 16 instead of 12, for the larger line capacity?

  2. yellowklr

    What pound spectra-Leader do you plan on fishing on it
  3. Slater

    I have a Phenix 700h paired with the sx Raptor & love the match, light & easy to fish with lots of killing power!
    A sx raptor though which is close to the smaller Talica 10 size which I also have which would match the 700H also.
    A talica 16 would be a bit large, dont forsee it feeling well balanced on a 700h, just to confuse you some more...
    I just spooled a Talica 16 full with over 400yards of 80lb spectra & 30ft 50 mono to give you an idea of how large the reel actually is.
    The talica's are smoother than then the Avets but look at pricing & make a decision to see whats more important to you.

    Maybe browse through this post;
  4. rusn007

    I was thinking of using 65# spectra. Should I go higher?
  5. PCH

    I vote for the Talica.
  6. rusn007

    I realize there is a price difference, with avet being a little bit cheaper. Ultimately, I want something that can handle anything on a 3 day trip, and could splurge a little more for a better reel.

    i can also get a heavier rod, if needs to be, calstar 700h?
  7. yellowklr

    Talica 10 or 12 with the 700H
    65 pound Braid
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  8. dunku

    the tallica 12 is on the big side. like everyone said the 10 would be better. or you can look at a mxj raptor
  9. Rhatical

    Go with the Talica 12II, much smoother drag and casts better in my opinion. The more comparable Avet would be the JX vs the SX. Perfect rod for a 40# topshot on the Talica 12 is the Phenix 700xh.
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  10. ripped

    It would help to know what application your looking for, bait / iron ? I have a Calstar GF700H I use with 50 lb for yoyo and is a killer. It doesn't have a very soft tip for lobbing bait with out some practice. For bait in that line class I like a Calstar GF765L. This is not a typical year and you may need 50 lb on a 3 day, but be prepaired for that rig spending most of it's time in the rack.
  11. qtrracer

    I wouldn't use a 700h for bait but if I did i'd use a Talica 12. I too use my 700h for yo yo.
  12. rusn007

    Thank you everyone for the feedback. I'm narrowing it down between talica 10 and 12.
    On a side note, which rod would you pair up talica 16?

    Thanks again
  13. tightlinemike

    Hi Stan, I have a Talica 10, 12 and 16. The 10 is a ideal 30# and light 40#. I paired it up with a Black Diamond 700H as you were also thinking. It's one of my favorite set ups. For anything that you run into on a 3 day the Talica 12 is what I would recomend. I have mine spooled with 65# solid JB and paired it up with a Calstar Gftr 700H and has a plenty soft enough tip to bait fish but don't take my word, for pull on one for yourself. My Calstar 700H is my go to 40# bait stick. The Talica 16 is really a 60#. I also put 80# spectra on it. Hope this helps........Mike
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  14. qtrracer

    I have my 16 on a GFGR 7400H spooled with 60 hollow with just enough room for 50lb/60lb flouro 25' wind ons.
  15. tunafishing69

    both reels are really good but i would use the avet raptor are really powerful.
  16. saltwaterfish

    Sx raptor 300 yards 65 spectra
  17. HermosaJoe

    "Anything" on a 3-day could conceivably include some VWs. Even a Talica 12 II w/50lb would be under-gunned. Just saying.
  18. tightlinemike

    True. I always take a Talica 16 spooled with 80# spectra just in case. Never needed to use it on the short range trips but sooner or later my turn will come.
  19. dennykrb

    Also.....Check out the Okuma Andros 5 ll and Makaira 10SEa ll....Both really nice reels and casts smoother that both the Avets and Shimano....and lots of drag.
  20. tightlinemike

    Yep, Those Maks Se reels do IMO cast smoother than the Talicas. Dident think that would be the case when I read the reports but Okuma did there homework. And a 5 year warrenty. I am not sure but I think they are the only ones to offer 5 years.