Avet MX or Daiwa Saltist 30 LD

Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by tunatime15, Jun 2, 2010.

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  1. tunatime15

    Anyone try the two. Looking for a 30lb reel. Can use the 20% coupon at Big5 for the Saltist. Didn't see the MX there
  2. fishpelagic

    depends what you like do you like star drag or lever drag. Beter to suport the local tackle shops any way if you want the avet
  3. Legalizeit

    I've owned both and prefer the Saltist LD (Lever Drag). It sits low on the rod and is much lighter and easier to palm in your hand. It's so comfortable it feels like your fishing a freshwater low pro baitcaster. The also Daiwa has a better free spool which makes it spin and cast farther. However it also makes it prone to backlashes in windy conditions and doesn't have any cast control mechanism. The Avet MX is available with Cast Control which really helps minimize backlashes, and I also prefer the drag lever and control knob on the Avet. The Avet drag settings are more defined.

    I frequent Big5 and they don't carry the Daiwa Lever Drag or the Avet. You may have confused the the regular Saltist with the star drag for the lever drag.

    If you want the lever drag version I have one in perfect condition that I may be willing to sell to you for the right price.
  4. fishchaser2000

    I own both. The Diawa 4.1-1 is great for flylining but casts like shit. Kicks into gear perfect and the drag is good. The Avet casts like a dream is a two speed. Neither has ever let me down. If you can only get one buy the avet.