Avet Maintenance

Discussion in 'Avet Reels Support' started by malibufishnsurf, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. 7raptor

    I understand avet claims that you just have to put your reel in a bucket of fresh water after using it and crank on it for a minute or so to clean it.

    Is this all that's needed, or do you have to maintain it after using it just like any other reel?

    The sx would be cool for the kayak...
  2. Ready4TheYellow

    You still have to maintain them cleaning, lubricating and soforth. Another good way is throw them in the dishwasher but let them air dry and wipe them with a towel....they are virtual watertight reels...
  3. Panic

    The fresh water rinse has worked for me. Have a SX 4 seasons now and only rinsed it off. Opened it up this weekend after 3 seasons and only had to put a dap of grease on the gears. the nice thing is 2 screws and you pull it apart and that is it. If you really think you need a service, then send it to the factory and for $20 they will completely go over it and send it back you.