Avet lost & found (22) of my reels!

Discussion in 'Avet Reels Support' started by Fish Slapper, Apr 25, 2012.

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  1. Fish Slapper

    yep you read it right, i shipped (22) reels in a single box to Avet for service, called this morning to see if they were ready and they said they did not have them...long story short the owner of the company (Eliza) was the person who signed for them on 4-17. I have been on the phone several times with them today (cannot believe they hire a customer service person who does not speak and understand clear english, i am so TIRED of repeating stuff to that lady), sounds like they are going to replace them but they were not sure of stock...will let everyone know what happens and the full story.
  2. Stryker20

    Wait...............you gotta be joking.

    A couple of reels, sure...............but how does one lose 22?

    That had to have been a freakin huge box.
  3. Cast Gold

    From my own experience, I can believe this. Sorry it happened to you and hope it is resolved in a timely manner.
  4. qwrtp1

  5. Matador714

    Id be pissed if they lost one!! I'd give someone the "Fist of Fury" for 22!!!
  6. Fish Slapper

    They called and are shipping me 22 new ones today so all is well. They think they signed for 3 boxes but accidentially left mine sitting outside and someone stole it. It was a Ryobi bench grinder box (I think it was a grinder) and the reels were layed in it protected with bubble wrap, they were not in their original boxes
  7. Jason Admin

    Ouch on both Avets and your end. Sounds like they are making it right.
  8. Ali Admin

    Good on Avet for making it right.

    22 New reels doesn't suck.
  9. Fish Slapper

    No they are making it right, certainly cannot complain there ( saved me 1k on service), it was just very frustrating having to tell the same person , the same information over and over again multiple times. Whe she asked me if I have receipts for them I almost lost it thats for sure...lol...
  10. Carl

    Sweet!.... 22 new reels :lux:
    Doesn't sound like they were loaded with Spectra...
  11. amnajar

    Hell no it doesnt!

    Glad they made it right...
  12. johndtuttle

    Don't stress. This is more a story of "shit happens and company makes good" than anything. I'm sure Avet feels plenty bad about it and will be tightening up things on their end.
  13. jarhead

    Glad to see it all worked out for ya, now go get them reels broken in:cheers:
  14. prolinegd

    Something smells funny.
  15. JFK

    Seriously! That didn't work out so bad for ya did it.
  16. makohunterz

    good on AVET and congrats on getting brand new reels, beats the hell outta payin to get em serviced
  17. skrilla

    Glad to hear they're working everything out with you. I've had nothing but good experience with them so far and have more faith it will continue in the future.
  18. Fish Slapper

    They were all stripped for line, glad they stood up and made it right I will certainly continue to buy and support their product. if you see someone selling (12) MXl single speed, purple, black and silver...along with (10) LX single speed, grey, blue and some with silver bodies and silver ends please let someone know! I was really not that worried I knew it would get fixed, time is what I was worrried about and obviously the language barrier was driving me absolutely crazy.
  19. DoubletroubleII

    When I first saw your thread about the lost Avets I was going to make a jerk response that "thank god it wasn't 23 reels".......but I realized how much it must of sucked.

    Reading your thread further where you mention Avet is sending you all new reels for the mix up is awesome! I have only 2 Avets, I bought them because I had tried one on a charter with some friends and like the reel, an LX. I also bought them because they are american made........now I have one more reason to buy another one.

    Glad it is working out for you!
  20. Saluki

    Maybe you shit your pants?