Avet let's me down again!!!!

Discussion in 'Avet Reels Support' started by buxboatboy, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. buxboatboy

    I just bought my second EXW 4/02.

    The first one I bought the reel foot was too small for the AFTCO (also Stuart) Butts, I was told by a local rod builder that Avet made a larger foot and that Avet would send me a replacement foot. I called them and they acted like they never heard of this problem, after talking to technical people and being tossed back and forth someone said we will send you what we have.
    Avet sent me the larger foot and that was that.

    Now, I buy the second reel it has the same problem, I called last week try to explain the problem to some girl who has no clue what I'm talking about but says she will find out and send one to me.
    In todays mail I get the exact same foot that is on the reel, so I call and get her supervisor who tells me "We have not had this problem lately and cannot make the reels fit every kind of rod butt".
    At this point I wanted to yell STUART AND AFTCO are the STANDARDS in the INDUSTRY you need to make your reel feet fit them!!
    I was told she would "look around" but was not promising anything......

    What is wrong with them??
    The product is great but the customer support is in need of overhaul.

    Dude you should try charkbait.com they are a huge dealer of avets and could hopefuly help you out!!!
  3. tarpon6

    I have to say that is just plain embarrassing for Avet. A reel of that size should have a foor that will easily fit the Aftco and larger Fuji reel seats. I have owned all kinds of reels and have never had that problem.
  4. Mike JB

    Where's Armando when we need him !!

  5. Double Z

    Not to defend but aren't there different size seats? We had this problem with Penn's ( Internationals ) 20 years ago. Now, with people using smaller reels for heavier duty, I can't imagine the problem NOT coming up.

    What I don't understand is Avet's customer service. It seems to really be a matter of who you talk to. Someone on this board is having a new cam for their 4/0 sent to them for free. I called them and was told, "You have the softer cam in the reel." We'll see if I can get 20lbs at strike.
  6. Keta

    I got one cam free and bought two more. The new cam works a bit better. When I got my first 4/0 I had to get a bigger base and had no problem with the people at Avet.
  7. Double Z

    Thanks Lee, I didn't want to drop names. What did the new cam change? How much did they cost.
  8. Keta

    The new cam got rid of the casting detent and I think it ramps up a bit faster. My memory is shot (CRS is not a good thing) but I think they ran somewhere between $25 and $35 ea. I need to calibrate my drag scale before I can check the drag I am getting out of the 4/0 with the new cam but it was heavier than the original cam.
  9. sdangler

    It's a family run business... I'm not going to stand up for their customer support but if you e-mail Harry or Sarkis they will get you what you need.

    The reel seat issue is well known and I don't know why they haven't addressed it but I just took care of it myself with some electrical tape that I use to identify my rods on trips.

  10. tarpon6

    I'm sorry but thereis no excuse for having a reel seat that small on what is essentially a 30 size reel. If he bought a smaller Avet I could see it..
  11. Double Z

    For one, I don't know I'd count the 4/0 as a 30 size reel. Put them side by side.

    An Avet 30 can fish 150lb test at 30%. I'm hoping the 4/0 will handle 20lbs at strike. What I was getting at is a few years ago, this would be a 40-60lb reel. If the rod is something you'd fish a Penn 4/0 on and the seat is small, then I agree. If it's a rod you'd fish a 30 on, then I'd think the seat (reel) would be small.

    I hope this does not sound like I'm stating fact. I'm going to be in the same boat soon and would like to know what you have going on. I'm considering everything from custom stick to $80 Big5 - Fred Hall Special. I want a 7' stick good to 80lb.
  12. sdangler

    What does the reel size have to do with the seat??? The 4/0 is engineered to fish 50-60# and trying to fit it on a 130# trolling rod will be a problem.

    Don't get me wrong; I agree that the seat could/should be larger but I don't think that Avet "wronged" anyone.

  13. GUERO

    I have new custom CS 700XH for sale and it's blue to match your avets..........holla' if you want to see it
  14. Double Z

    Thanks Mark.

    You said what I was trying to in about 1/4 the space.:eyepoppin

  15. Blank

    I just sold my six avets for various reasons. Major drag issues and a useless hispanic gal representing their customer service. Fuck Avet. Search avet and read albout all of their failures. I'm done with them.
  16. Double Z

    You should start a post on what happened.
  17. cisurfer

    so this avet sponsered board can bag on you.
    Im personally given them 1 more chance with the LX6/3.

    My dad had a problem with several.

    I just think its hilarious how mad people get on here when you have a problem with avet or rip on them.
  18. Double Z

    Dude, don't get worked. Bag on anything and fans will disagree. Daiwa, Accurate, Shimano, ...... All brands are represented here, even Okuma and ProGear:nutkick: :rofl: . If you post, you might get some crap, you might get called out, but, you might actually learn the solution to your problem. I have thou$and$ invested in them and fish them pretty hard. No, "Out of the ordinary" problems. I've had every brand I've ever bought fail. Chit breaks.
  19. tarpon6

    I don't think Avet wronged someone with the undersized reel seat, it's just silly. slap: The 4/0 was replaced by the Pro 30, but it is a little smaller. Still it is a 50-60# reel and should easily fit an Aftco reel seat. My Penn 16 VSX, a 50-60# reel has no such issues. I can put it in a Fuji graphite reel seat or on my Seeker XXH AR..

    This reel seat issue has been brought up many times, and not just with the 4/0 but some of the larger reels as well. You shouldn't have to call Avet at this point. It should come ready to go out of the box.

    I like Avet, and have been impressed with their reels otherwise. I plan on picking up a HOO-X, if it ever comes out.. and has a proper sized reel seat.. :rofl:
  20. Keta

    If you were smarter than the reel, or a rock, you might not have problems with Avets. I'd be willing to bet you have problems with all of your reels, not just Avets. Avets are not the only good reel out there but they are a quality product.

    You guys that have problems with Avet customer service must be ass holes on the phone or idiots. Avet customer service has ALWAYS been helpful and friendly to me!