Aussie S.A.S Hero, awarded VC Medal

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  1. tailor marc

    Hi guys, just thought i would share with you a story of a absolute machine of a guy. Born and bred here in my home town.
    Just awarded a VC medal and also a medal for gallentry when a taliban jumped on his back, he flipped the guy over, stod on his neck and shot him in the head. Awarded the VC for taking out to machine gunners to save his mates.

    Biult like a brick shithouse. Guys like this in our army makes me proud to be an aussie. Glad to be helping you guys out as freinds allies forever

    Part 1...

    Part 2.........
  2. gpaul1961

    Excellent soldier. The Australians are fierce fighters as well as great people. I am glad they are on our side. One of our allies that I would fight to defend without being pissed about it.
  3. pura vida

    God Bless all of our men
  4. Jig Strike

    I'm proud our countries are on the same team.

    I love OZ.
  5. Derby

    I cant seem to get the clip.

    Says "No Longer Available"
  6. jagerhunchback

    love my aussie mates!!! only other fuckers in the pacific that have our backs!!! trained with many during my time with the 25th. here's to you guys!!!

  7. phishphud

    Incredible courage!
  8. ConSeaMate

  9. tailor marc

    Cheers guys, yeah i love how we are side by side though all conflicts, when other countrys left iraq we will always be there till the end.

    We always have U.S navy carriers etc coming into our port at fremantle, allways a great day going down and going onboard the ships and talking to the guys and woman on board.

    God bless all of our guys and bring them all home safe