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  1. elliemay

    Come on people! There are some awesome deals on here! Let's pitch in and bid. Who cares who it is and why! He is obviously one of our own, and has helped everyone else. I respect his privacy, and don't ever want to know who he is. I trust Cuda. It's a nice thing to do. Personally I think this must be serious, so those of us who are lucky enough to be OK in this economy, gas prices and everything else the way it is, can afford to give a few bucks. Giving makes me feel good. Remember what goes around, comes around. So, Let's have some awesome bidding wars.
  2. elliemay

  3. SheepHead

    are all the auctions over except for the latest fishin one which i couldnt even begin to afford?
  4. Shaka760

    I said it before and I'll say it again, I don't have much, but I do have a decent Sharpeye surfboard that I will gladly auction off for the cause. If Cuda would get in touch with me, I'd be more than happy to let her go for a good cause. Cuda, P.M. me.
  5. Shaka760

    BTW, elliemay, where can I find the items that are up for auction, besides the ones that sporadically show up on the new posts?? Thanks!!
  6. fisherbaby

    they've been done with.....

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