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Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand Fishing' started by fetzerb, Aug 5, 2011.

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  1. fetzerb

    Hello all,

    I will be visiting on October 6 for only one day. I was looking for some inside information on fishing and sight seeing. I would love to stay longer, but I am taking a cruise and it ends there. The plane tickets on any other day to leave were double the price, so I had to pick the next day.

    I am looking for any advice you can give and what to expect from food, culture, and weather. I would like to do a fishing trip if possible or at least what the locals reccomend.

  2. of2fsh

    day trip on "divercity" flick Damo an e mail and see if he can fit you in on a casual charter.the fishing will be good in october
  3. fetzerb

    thanks for the advice. I Will surely give them a call while Im there if I have time. Thanks!
  4. fisheyes85

    Hey fetzerb!

    I'm from Oz but visited NZ for a wedding just last week. Like you I had one day set aside for fishing (a bit more for travelling with the wife!)

    I cannot recommend highly enough the services of the guys at 'Epic Adventures' out of Tairua on the coramandel Peninsula. If you can manage it, it's a 2 hour drive from Auckland (in a 6 berth motorhome, quicker if you are keen!). They leave at 7am (quite a friendly time) and finish up about 2.30-4pm.

    They specialise in Kingfish (not King Mackeral) charters and are rediculously well equipped for this purpose. They use Jigging Master rods and reels and their two boats are perfect fishing platforms. My father in law and I caught 11 kingfish to 20kg, (last Monday!!) but they have caught fish over 35kg. I think NZ is known to be the premier Kingfish fishery (possibly globally) and these fish are just awesome. They pull like freight trains even at 40lb!! You can go on plenty of charters that will catch you snapper- tasty, but definitely not in the same pulling class as Kingfish.

    If you can travel about 1.5-2hrs out of Auckland you can't go past these guys.

    I'll be heading back there next year!
    Tom B.

    Ps. As an added bonus the Coramandel Peninsula is absolutely spectacular!

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  5. fetzerb

    sounds good. thanks for the info guys. I am looking forward to this trip and am starting to get excited. I really hope there is time for fishing.
  6. mozza

    Wavedancer charters is another option. Super quick comfortable boat that departs from downtown auckland.

    They have a crew club day on october 6 you could jump on
  7. fisheyes85

    Hey mate,

    hope you managed to get out on a charter!

    Any news on that front?

  8. fetzerb

    I did not make it out. I ended up catching a cold and was sick. I loved new zealand, hopefully make it back to give it a shot.