***ATTENTION: WA Park Parking Enforcement***

Discussion in 'Washington State' started by digits, Apr 9, 2012.

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  1. digits

    Hello BD Brothas. I recognize this is not a fishing report, but I just wanted to make sure to get the word out and give y'all a heads up that the Anacortes Police Department has taken it upon themselves to use WA Park as a means to raise the city's revenue by starting to issue tickets @ WA Park. That new machine they installed does not read my card, and I was issued a $50 ticket on Saturday because I had no cash to pay for parking. So I paid $58 to park ONE day there. I have NEVER had problems like this in the past. I went straight to the police station after the ticket was issued and no police officer would agree to meet me @ the station to talk to me about it. Hmm? There wasn't an officer inside the station? The whole thing is complete and utter bullshit. I don't even understand how the city has jurisdiction in a state park, and they never gave me a straight answer on that. I raised hell w/ everyone invloved and they essentially told me that I can contest it, but they know damn well I'm not going to take a day off of work to travel up to ANA from SEA and probably only get it reduced, if that. I talked to another angler as I was going off on the Fish and Game agent (She told me they are issuing tickets OFTEN now), and he told me the same thing happened to him recently, and he also had no choice, but to eat it. I'm beyond pissed off because everyone involved knows I did not deserve that fucking ticket. Fucking assholes stealing the working man's money. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  2. fishon_73

    State and cities are broke. Any way they can sqeeze a little more out of our pockets they will! :shithappens: sorry to hear about the BS!
  3. BugeaterInWa

    What are you bitchin about... Your looking at this the wrong way. DUDE, seize this opportunity like a champ! Refuse to pay the ticket, get the fine reduced to community service and talk to Trent ASAP!

    Really pretty crappy deal. Just how does the local PD have Juris over a State Park? Would the fine belong to the State and not the local LE? If local LE issued the citation then that would be for thier juris and the fine would be as well.

    Bummer man, hope you get it worked out.
  4. Catchn Ry

    Washington Park is a city park not a state park. So city cops can write tickets. It's still Bullshit and they should leave it to the park officals to enforce it. I say fight it. That ticket machine is a piece of shit. and they need to keep it in good working order. keep fighting the good fight. Good luck and thanks for the heads up.
  5. Waterdog247

    That parking pay station was broken last year. I called the parks department and told them it wouldn't take my card. The guy I spoke with told me to put a note on the windshield with his name on it, saying I was allowed to park. I left the truck and trailer there for four days, and didn't have any problems, though the guy parked next to me got a ticket, and he was only there for a day.

    I know it doesn't solve your problem, just letting you know what I did.
  6. digits

    If I lived in ANA or nearby, I mos def would seize the opportunity to fight these dickheads. But like I said, I work in SEA, live in EVT, so it's just not feasible for me to do so, and I have reasonable suspicion from talking to these yahoos over the phone, that they damn well know that.

    More than anything, I just wanted y'all to be aware so you don't get bent over like I did.
  7. digits

    Thanks, but I guess that's primarily my point, Jaime. The old machine was even worse and even when I had problems with this new one, the park never had an issue simply placing an envelope on my windshield and having me pay them @ a later date. But now the city of ANA has entered the frey and I just want y'all to know what they're up to.
  8. digits

    Thanks for the clarification, Rydel. I did not know it's a city park. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to fight it for reasons I explained above.
  9. BugeaterInWa

    Im think you are missing my point about contacting Trent...

    He is the guy (I think) that got the ticket for dumping carcs in the lake and had to do community service which consisted of going out fishing with WDFW to tag Black Rock Fish.

    I tried to humor you a little.
  10. digits

    Ohhhhhhhh! Gotcha! I remember reading that post. Yeah, that'd be awesome, but Rydel just informed me WA Park is a city park, not a state park, so I'm pretty much screwed.
  11. Catchn Ry

    By the way Joe how did you do fishing?
  12. Spokaloo

    If you call the court that's holding the paperwork on the ticket, they will, in almost every case, do a mail in contesting or by phone, which should result in the typical reduction in the fine. I've done it across the state before, and it is legal in the RCW/WAC to do it that way.

  13. physher92

    I saw the officer writing the tickets! in all my years of fishing the juans and launching at the wa park, this is the first time I've ever seen an officer writing tickets. FYI in case you don't know...a year round pass for washington park can be purchased from the parks and rec department for $75 I think. If you launch there frequently then its definitely worth it...shit even if you don't, its still nice not to have to hassel with the damn machine!!!
  14. blackmouther

    Fuck yeah. Tell them I was the one who didn't pay I wouldnt mind working for the man in westport.
  15. Barracuda1

    Try online mitigation from the court wedsite and contest this. I think you might be able to have a judge review the case ond decide without being there. (worth a shot) I'm not a lawyer but I think they have to post the fines for restricted parking, also the fact that the machine would not read your card should bear some weight. I had this problem last year at the same park but they only left me a ticket for the amount of the parking... If there is a change in policy it should of been CLEARLY posted for all to see. I would fight this.. good luck
  16. rvz

    Ate dinner with the wife and kids there tonight and saw the city cop pulling out. I heard from a co-worker they were ticketing now....thank-you The old machine was def. a junker so I always paid later thru the slot in the door too. The new machine has been working for me but I never thought about what if it didn't but i guess a back-up card is in order now. Always something trying to mess up a otherwise good day.

    One time a while back with the old machine I didn't realise it doesn't give change and I never could get my money so the next time I went I didn't pay so I could get the slip to pay on my windsheild. I then left a note saying last time I didn't get change so this is the balance due....any way i thought that was funny. It worked.
  17. dragonballs

    x2 I ve gotten tickets there but they were 12.00.. that was 2 years ago.... the machine is a piece and you should be able to win this one at court....
  18. Glad Wrap

    This is an easy win in court and at most you might have to pay the parking fee and not the ticket fee.

    City cops are doing this all over now. The city parks departments don't have the funding to employ people to issue the tickets and monitor the parks like they used to.

    Don't let the man screw you on this and pay the fine, fight it and win!!! Now if a machine isn't working than it's not your fault but a judge can also tell you that you should have let and pulled cash out of an ATM! BS either way but that is the way shit goes. Worth fighting, the more people that fight these things the more likely the machine will get fixed.
  19. milkman69

    They did this to me all the time with my 24 Searay so I said fuck it and now I keep my boat in the water may cost more but at least they don`t get my money fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. digits

    Thanks for the info., Tyler. I'm all over that.