Attention if your going out tomorrow......

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by ?? fisherman, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. ?? fisherman

    I have just been informed on the phone right now that there is no bait avail at mission bay or SD bay bait receivers. SD bay has three receivers that are saved for a private charter. There is a possibility that they will get some more bait in at 11:00pm.

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  2. the hook

    I predict a run on Sabikis at the local bait shops.

  3. I hate seals Advertiser

    Any news from today?

    Might have to pull an allnighter to make bait for tommorrow :(
  4. Afry

    Hmmmm lets bait for the recievers and lots of tuna pens gettting TONS of bait...coincidence?
  5. I hate seals Advertiser

    E-bros makes a ton of money off selling bait to the public and the sportfishing fleet. They are freaking out right now. Lack of bait, very warm water = crap bait and unhappy fishing industry.

    I am about 99% positive they feed them DEAD sardines. If they were live they would swim out of the nets right?

    Plus tuna in the pens are based on a high fat content. Fish that have to chase down their food build more muscle and burn fat, so dead bait is the way to go.
  6. hotrodtuna

    Either way it sucks reading this and all the other posts about bait rolling......this alone will shut things up tight at the bros, because people will just drive by and throw the $$ it in the fuel tank and hope for the rigs to pop or irons to work. JMO~
  7. Afry

    Exactly - lack of bait - why?

    Warm water? It was warmer last year.

    Dead sardines? It makes sense to feed them dead bait. Although I never caught a Bluefin on a dead sardine. Of course I never fished in a pen either.

    They had to be live from somewhere, if they shipped them in from some other area I'd say ok, but I doubt they did. I'd be surprised if they didn't catch them locally and let them die and feed the pens.

    Not trying to start a conspiracy theory here but I do wonder where all that tuna food is coming from. When you take thousands of tons of tuna that feed in the open ocean and confine them and feed them bait taken from a comparatively small area what is the effect on local fisheries?

    I do not hug trees but is/will the tuna pen industry hurting the local fisheries?
  8. tap

    The bait moves around more than you may think. During late summer/fall the sardines and anchovies often move offshore and go deep which makes them harder to net. The EB bait boat was off the Silver Strand Saturday but the bait was mostly fast-moving pinhead anchovies and they kept moving and looking for the right kind. Netting bait can be tough. As to what effect other operations (e.g. bluefin pens, etc.) have on the availability of bait-who knows? I DO know that this is not new. EB has run out of bait or has had only pinhead anchovies many times in previous years (especially in the fall) when we would stick three on a hook.

    Tony Pena
    "The Roving Angler"
  9. Mo Betta

    Hmmm maybe the sardine cycle is over. Do we need to practice casting Chovies again?
  10. jesse

    I myself like fishing chovies:D:D:D
    they are a real pain in the ass to pitch though:D:D

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