Attacks on tourists, economy pull plug on Ensenada event

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by scorch, Apr 22, 2008.

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  1. scorch

    By Ed Zieralski

    April 22, 2008

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    Citing Americans' fear of driving into Mexico after recent attacks on tourists there, Western Outdoor News officials have canceled the June 6-7 saltwater fishing tournament in Ensenada.

    “We're hoping to do the tournament next year when this settles down, but we felt it was best to cancel it this year,” said Pat McDonell, editor of Western Outdoor News.
    McDonell said that issue combined with the sagging U.S. economy left Western Outdoor News no choice.

    “It's a sad deal because the economy in Ensenada gets a tremendous boost from the tournament,” McDonell said. “I feel terrible about it, but this is a business, and the bottom line is people are afraid to drive into Mexico right now. They'll fly down, but they won't drive.”

    McDonell had planned on leading an armada of boats that would have left the Shelter Island launch ramp and traveled to Ensenada by water. He said the tournament would have drawn a decent field that way, but it would have lacked the trailerboaters who would have made the drive to Ensenada.
  2. Kurt

    Anyone still want to compare it to the crime in the US?
  3. MikeyLikesIt

    yes. And I see no comparison. :D :fighting0061:

    kind of a bummer, because it seems that the Mexico Gov't wants to fix the problem.......what they need is a "troop surge"! LOL

    Also too bad, cause there will be others who will follow WON's lead and not go.
  4. marlyn

    im sure this was due to the tavel alert issued by the state department,now if we can just work on the illegal immigration problem we can probably put a big dent in crime here also.
  5. Ali Admin

  6. Kurt

    Ya it's gonna be ugly

    Better get Bushie to add a few thousand more BP cause if Baja tanks there is gonna be a flood more of em.

  7. bajadog

    Scary part is you can't tell the good cops from the bad.

    I haven't run into that in the states yet....
  8. killerfin


    Even if you fix the illegal immigration problem there is still going to be crime here in the states.
  9. el capo

    What is the point,no one would listen anyways.This thread sounds old already.
  10. daddysgirl

    just what i wuz talkin about......
  11. Gil Marlin

  12. el capo

  13. h3oboy

    Yea till we can "cleanse" the country
  14. mercerm

    that outta stoke the flames. Define cleanse please.
  15. Ready4TheYellow

    Wish me luck...I'm driving to Ensenada Sunday to bring a sailboat back from the Newport to Ensenada race.
  16. killerfin

    Well good luck on your "cleanse" So are you going to deport the white, blk, green,yellow criminals too?
  17. Kurt

  18. Saluki

    VOTE FOR ME IN 2008