asked to move from my spot,Why?

Discussion in 'Surf Fishing' started by blubby07, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. blubby07

    Today I was fishing Ponto in carlsbad . I got there about ten and found a spot with very few people and surfers,you could see huge corbina in the shallows.I started fishing the area and within a couple hours a lot more people began to show up,and started swimming etc right next to me.Then someone complains to the lifeguard that I'm fishing to close to them and their kids. The young and respectful lifeguard asks me to move to where there are less people, but as far as the eye could see there were people.My question is this.Is there a law that swimming or surfing takes precedence over fishing? Should i have been made to leave? I was just minding my own business enjoying the beach like everyone else.But i yielded and went om my way.Not a huge deal but come on,aren't our waters for everyone?Probably some tourist from some god forsaken place,hopefully not a local. Thanks! And just some surf perch c&r
  2. BloodyL

    Do what I do-I'm sorry I was here first and by the way I pay for a license to fish are they licensed to swim?
  3. zdog

    ^^ What he said. I can see if you rolled up on them too close...but if you were there fishing and they came up and then complained, tough shit for them.
  4. dan1

    This is like moving next to an airport......then complaining airplanes are too loud.
  5. thehound

    From my understanding the agreement is: no surfboarding and no fishing between the orange flags adjacent to the lifeguard tower.
  6. blubby07

    I love it good response,I don't see what they could possibly do, call the cops? Im refusing to listen to the nineteen yr old lifeguard. Im new to surf fishing as I usually fish from my boat.But I'm starting to love it,its like a quick fix for fishing! Doesn't tick off the wife,Im not gone all day,doesn't cost squat,and really is fun!
  7. Clay

    Its the nature of the game. Everyday I have been hitting the surf. You find a spot, no one is there then they seem to flock to you. The way I see it, the beach is long and instead of being a dick or playing 2 and saying"I was here first!" I choose to move down a bit. Some times its a matter of pick your battle. All we need is a bunch assholes then boom, no more fishing the surf. Just like the booze ban on the beach it will only take a couple if "situations" and NO MAS. Its easy to just walk down and cast again. The fish are all down the beach. My 2 pennies.
  8. zdog

    toss out a chunked surf perch and catch a 50 lb leopard shark, you will have the spot all to yourself guaranteed!
  9. Saluki

    Only Jesus likes fishermen.............
  10. Simon Bon Bowery

    And that's how I always found the fish, moving and casting...

    It works.................
  11. Marcus

    Where is clay, what did you do with him and why are you posting as him? :rofl:

    Good advice. :D
  12. rdrrm8e

    The loss of a dear friend can put all kinda things in perspective
  13. lowprofile

    it works every time.
  14. Bob_Benner

  15. gonzo25

    I disagree... if you don't make a stand then what you are doing as a courtesy today will become an expected and demanded thing tomorrow.
    I say the same thing to people who are having their rights violated, everyone is afraid to take a stand against a cop... fuck all that, let them get away with violating your rights today and tomorrow you will no longer have those rights.
    you think I am wrong? Just wait until you get to deal with Fatherland Security. Your constitutional rights, the thing that made this country something to be proud of and better to live in than the rest, the thing that some of us risked our lives to preserve is no more and it will be getting worse. You don't have to be a total asshole to the lifeguard or who ever, but if you don't make a stand and expect to be treated just like anyone else you are setting a precedence of expectation and you won't be ASKED if you would mind moving, you will be TOLD to move or else. JUST MY 2 CENTS
  16. Clay

    The only time I have had interactions with LG or LEO while surf fishing was to talk about how the fishing was. Again, sometimes its good to play adult. But hey, take your stand and make scenes.
  17. gonzo25

    I think you missed my point, notice the part . You don't have to be a total asshole to the lifeguard or who ever," a saying I like is, take a smile to the mirror and you get a smile back, take a frown to the mirror and you get a frown back. This doesn't mean that you can't stand up for your self, the term is diplomacy ( skill in handling affairs without arousing hostility ). There is nothing wrong with expecting to be treated like you treat others or vice versa, but if you don't take a stand of some kind you are going to be a door mat and the terms will be dictated to you instead of any give and take on both sides. I am always very nice and friendly, until it is time not to be.
  18. Clay

    My point is. I have NEVER had an issue where LG or LEO got involved. There is no door mat here.
  19. gonzo25

    I haven't either. Sorry, I must have missed what the thread was about.
  20. blubby07

    I think I like this approach best,will give it a try next time!As I do have a surfcaster in the sand and then walk the beach in the area for smaller game.I was nice enough to alert the parents around me of the huge amount of jellyfish in the water everywhere,most people were very nice,probably some rich chick thinking she owns the beach.Plus I'm big and fat and probably doesn't want to look at me! Thanks for all the input-maybe I need to be first to the punch and let the lifeguard know that the swimmers are interfering with my fishing!And have him tell them they need to move.