arrived today from japan curado hj

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by grtwhtehuntrjr., Nov 29, 2011.

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  1. grtwhtehuntrjr.





    Thanks japan, sweet reel
  2. juanito69

    that is a bad ass reel. i gotta get me one . !!!
  3. Psycho_Fish'r

    I saw those Curado Type-J reels on eBay a while back. Thought about getting one, but for the cost of the reel and shipping charges, I could buy 2 brand new Curado 300EJs, which is the USDM version of that reel. I chose not to buy one of those, although, they look bad ass since you never see them locally.

    I find it ironic that we want the JDM stuff and the Japanese want the USDM stuff.
  4. 2MAYEtoes

  5. el capo

    I must have one!
  6. umoa

    how much did that set you back?
  7. J.AkuHed

    So, other than looking pretty, what's difference between the Curado 300J they dump on us in the US?
  8. grtwhtehuntrjr.

    about 400, im glad i did though because japan keeps all the good shit for themselves!
  9. greatwhitehuntr

    This is great white hunter SR. I got this for my boy. I have contacts in Japen and I got this for just under $340 bucks!!! Had to buy 2 for that price
  10. greatwhitehuntr

    japen keeps all the good stuff and then releases it to the U.S. 2-3yrs later. Its like we have blue ray in U.S and Boliva is on dvd just now!!!!!!
  11. Swarthy Dago

    how much drag ?
  12. Capt. G

    Could somebody please translate that for me?
  13. J.AkuHed

    Blue ray, Bolivia, what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?
    True that, the high end stuff on the JDM doesn't reach US.
  14. Swarthy Dago

    Into what ? Arabic ? Ask divegod, he hangs with those cats.
  15. getemwet

  16. Rodman 28

    How IRONIC!!!...People complain all the time "BUY AMERICAN" certain people are complaining the "Japanese"..."Keep all the good stuff"....Some "people" you just CAN'T PLEASE"!!!!.....Mark
  17. fishman27

    You can never please everyone...
  18. RyoK

    Ive had mine for about two years now. If youre using it for saltwater, rinse it down thoroughly. the frame will corrode very easily and so will the handle.

    bitchin ass reel. you will like it!

    i dont like the gold handle.........its wack!!