Arkansas Striper action

Discussion in 'The Bass Fishing Club' started by BENNETT, Apr 20, 2012.

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    Got into the fish again on Lake Ouachita and Hamilton. Caught my pb striper at 40 pounds on the third cast of the morning. About 20 minutes later I stuck my new pb striper that weighed 45 pounds. Stayed a week and smashed on them. My biggest fish were landed on swimbaits, and we also got a few on the live gizzard shad. Awesome fishing, food, and people. It was a trip I will never forget.

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  2. Captain Curt

    Damn those are some big ass stripers. Congrats.


    The boat Hanna..........
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  3. Juny

    Holy Shit!
  4. MikeeDaGuy


    Thats Striped Bass fishin right there!!!

    Holy Shit 4 sho!!!

    Great report Awesome pics!!!
  5. Gino The Bass

  6. Saluki

  7. makohunterz

    I think i need some new pants
  8. Wiseguy

    Holy cow fart! Those are stripers!
  9. lewisclan

    Wow thats really nice

    Great you cleared out the little ones now we can get the bigger ones !! :). Great catch there guys
  11. 1:11

    Wholly SHIT, that is an amazing trip of straight up pigs. Wholly crap, im with markis, i need some new drawers because i think i just shat myself.