Area 9 Deadliest Catch

Discussion in 'Washington Saltwater Reports' started by Hawaiian Style, Nov 29, 2010.

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  1. Hawaiian Style

    So went out crabbing over the weekend. Great day on the water, kids had a blast!!!! pulling the pots took them some time:rofl: to get them to the boat.
    Got limits of crab, brought home 30 crabs and had a great time eating them. Pots where in 75 to 80 ft of water 2 miles north of Edmonds. Here are a few picks of the NEW BOAT:finger: the Wife got this for me:loverz:. I will post detailed photos of the rigging I did soon.
    Fish On Tom:finger:

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  2. elkruser

    Were you moochin neer the green bell on Posession? I was in the black Hewes Craft trolling all around. Nice looking ride ya got there.
  3. Hawaiian Style

    Yes that was me. Will get my BD sticker on soon, did you guys have any luck?
  4. elkruser

    Yup. Ended up with only one keeper for the day. Got it just East of the green can in 60 FOW about an hour after high tide.

    Of 23 boats to come in at Everett, we had the only fish for the day.
  5. Dances with Fish

    Nice boat and nice catch
  6. Ditto Dances with fish.....Thats awesome taking your kids out, I bet they really enjoyed it.
  7. Minhster

  8. fisherman from

    you have yourself a keeper,for life....(wife)also sweet lookin boat..