Area 7 summer time peak salmon fishing?

Discussion in 'Washington Saltwater Reports' started by Bluemax, Dec 22, 2010.

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  1. Bluemax

    Trying to plan on having my 75 year old father fly out here from Maine for fishing area 7 next summer. In general, what summer month is peak for catching chinook in area 7? I want to maximize his chances of landing fish but I need to keep it in area 7. Also am I better fishing the north end of the San Juan islands that time of year? Thanks for your help!
  2. rkcarguy

    This year sucked, more winter blackmouth were caught by a few boats than hundreds caught all summer. Next year will be a pink year and should bring more Coho and King's as well, but you will have a hard time keeping the pink salmon off if it's anything like 2009. Area 7 north has never been very good fishing, always have to head south/west to find some good play.
  3. corky1198

    Lloyd, I'm gonna disagree a little with the last post. We had a decent summer last year by just grinding it out at the traditional spots on the right tides. There were some big fish (15-25) around the inner islands the first half of July. I didn't fish up north much last year but I know of some folks that got good numbers of fish on the north end of Orcas and up at Sucia; again in July. My rule of thumb in the summer is to stay on the inside of the islands and grind away in July and the first half of August and then hit the outside starting around August 15th or 20th for the big boys. So, I guess I'd say prime times for having your dad come up given a "traditional" year would be the first 10 days in July and/or August 25th-September 5th if your willing to run a bit. Hope this helps. Always good to get the ones who brought you up out on the water!
  4. rkcarguy

    It's true that several of the locals found honey holes and got on the fish...but many of us aren't "special" and got our asses handed to us this year in A7. If you aren't retired and need to have your fishing time be productive, there are better places to go than MA7.
  5. corky1198

    Lloyd, it's a good question and MA 7 is a good bet in the summer. It's unfortunate your first post on a forum like this was hijacked by some jaded guy steering you in the wrong direction. His assumptions are unfounded and negative. I'm not retired or "special" (wtf!); far from it. If you put your time in up here, you can find some really good fishing and at worst, for people who see the bright side of things, it's a gorgeous place to spend some time in the summer. There are some really valuable people that use this site that can help you out. Look for those responses and ignore the other stuff.

    Rkcarguy, I refuse to get in some stupid pissing match about anything with you on a site that is meant to be fun. All I'll say is that you seem to be a lot more about creating drama and contentious situations than anything else. Not sure what that's about but it's sad and played out.
  6. Quan

    I caught a good number of fish in the summer last year and from what I know, I would generally agree with Corky on the dates. Last year's schedule seemed to be a lot later, though... When I went in July, I didn't see much going on and I caught my largest Kings in mid-late September. So I would keep an eye on that kinda stuff as I think the really late-arriving-summer (last year) seemed to make the salmon come late too.

    Like Corky said, too... it is an absolutely gorgeous place and I enjoy being out there whether I caught a fish or not. "A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work."
  7. rkcarguy

    Wow what a wrong read that was...
    I just hate to see people come on here and have the only 1/2 dozen members in MA7 that got fish come on and say "fishings is great come out and play". These are the same people that always post when they catch something, but never post about the times they've been skunked and what didn't work-which is just as valueable IMO.
    I was out over a dozen times last year, researched gear, checked my boats voltage, ran "clean" gear, and tried every fish voodoo thing I could think of and didn't catch a damn thing. I was where the charters were, running the same gear, switched out gear often, and didn't see many fish coming out of the water nor much on the sounder. I'm not a newbie either, just been out of saltwater fishing for a long time and decided to get back into it last year. Things have changed that won't touch a herring but will hit an unscented metal lure....cut plugs used to be king. When you look at the WDFW catch reports this year fish are few and far between, so take it all with a grain of salt. It's beautiful out here and definately worth going regardless, but I would rather be surprised to get a fish(reality) than expect to and not.
    The OP appears to be here for a limited time trying to hook up his father, and IMO, other places are more likely to put out.
    I'd recommend mid-channel, or MA7 south around SJI...
    If confined to MA7 north, hit Parker Reef at the north end of Orcas. By far the most hook spitting action and promising sonar images I've experienced this year.
    Start out with a red racer coho killer behind a green or chartreuse glo flasher...was my most active setup this year by far, just couldn't keep em hooked with the barbless rule.
  8. blackmouther

    Fortunately we have 2 peaks in the summer in 7. Corey is spot on. Early july we seen quite a few hookups in the north end. Thompson, lawrence and thatcher near armitage. In your situation with out if town dad I would pick the last week of august and head to the west side of sj. Easy fishery to relax and enjoy your time without having to constantly find bottom. You have options as well as to what you are going to target. Good luck with it either way. You can also check the archives, the last 2 years corky has cleaned up on the opener and posted awesome reports and pics. May make your decision easier also you can match the tides from the days fish were caught and match up your dates accirdingly
  9. Titan

  10. rkcarguy

    Titan is, like myself, one that goes by the stats and likes to post up results fish or no fish.
    I use these creel reports too-they don't tell the whole story as often not all the launches can be checked, but they give you a good idea.
  11. Wild Bill

    Last summer was definitely more challenging than the past two, but it was far from worthless in the San Juans. Next summer may be more inline with 08 and 09. With that being said if you can't coincide the trip with the first 10 days in July and fish Thatcher, Eagle bluff, Pt. Lawrence , Pt Thompson ect. ect. ,I would definitely think about concentrating your efforts outside San Juan Island later in August. If you want to combat fish by all means go to Pt Townsend on July 16 through the next weekend . There are lots of fish but you will be joined by 200 of your fishin brethren. Possesion held up well the whole season and is another option. I personally do a mix of all three but If the fishin was about the same at all locations the Jauns would be my first choice, due to the scenery and the less combat like fishery. If you did not have that much time to devote and wanted a better chance at hooking up, there are a number of competent guides that would be glad to have you. Good luck and I hope your dad gets a fish of a lifetime. And RKC you just need to fill that half empty glass of yours. Cheers,:hali_olutta: WB
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  12. corky1198

    Thanks for the backup boys. Lloyd, as you can probably tell, there are options up here for some good fishing in the summer. Travis is right regarding first choice probably being late in August for someone relatively new to the area. This is primarily due to the fact that the outside of SJI is a little less technical and you could really get down to the important part of enjoying the time with your father while dragging your gear. Pretty good shot at a hawg, some pinks in the mix this year to keep the rods busy and you might even be able to show your dad a whale. All around good day ya know! Good luck and I'll look forward to hearing how you do.
  13. Bluemax

    Thanks to all of you guys for this VERY helpful info. I'm really looking forward to fishing MA7 this summer. Thanks to the skunk picture guy too. Good to have a devil's advocate. It helped to stir a great conversation. I just ate supper and that skunk ass didn't help my digestion though.

    You all have a safe holiday season!
  14. blackvelvet

    First off......

    Bluemax, welcome to the forum, or should I say welcome to the "darkside".

    So here is my advice...

    Fishing area 7 can be frustrating for some, but as we all know 10% of the fishermen catch 90% of the fish. So with that being said, your best advice will derive from those 10% that catch fish. Sometimes getting them to talk is like pulling teeth, but a few are always willing to help, such as Travis & Cory & even Wild Bill. Oh, and if you ever get info thru a PM (private message), then that info is intended for you and nobody else and should never be included in your fishing reports, that is how you'll be accepted to the "darkside".

    Either way I'm sure you'll enjoy fishing the San Juans this summer. Good luck.
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  15. monsterfishin

    This last year was weird as the returning mature fish were spread out and lockjaw which I think was due to a huge inside (straights of Georgia) run of sockeye.My full of :shithappens:theory is that kings ride under the big schools, so when they come into area 7 from the north rather than the outside through Juan de fuca they get spread out by the canadian islands and are off the ocean feed longer, this also would be seen by a slow year for barkly sound. Next year is a pink year so I expect a good start at west beach and disney point for the first week to get the last Fraiser springer/early summer kings followed by a good shot at early Washington fish at eagle bluff/ obstruction/lowrance, this will die off by the second week of july. Late july-early august will be hit and miss at deepwater bay and thatcher/lopez flats with late august kings at indian village followed by Fraiser hogs under the pinks on the outside of san juan last week of august and untell the seiners get going on the pinks in early september. This is my forcast and I hope you take it as worth little but based on hope!
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