Are super ninja heads better than other fish heads?

Discussion in 'Hawaiian Fishing Forum' started by wisebob, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. wisebob

    Super ninjas carry a premium price compared to others like Matsu. What have your experiences been with them?

  2. kaimikai

    the super ninja lure is not a cast resin material. it is a liquid acyrlic mix that seems to be quite strong...they are expensive but from what i hear from some guys that own them...they catch fish...but then again,alot of lures catch fish!!! what you can afford and you will find that the cheaper lures will catch you just as much...i make custom heads and i still buy heads that i know work...good luck
  3. Addicted2fishin

    If you believe a lure head can outperform others than it is better. If you have no faith in it, then it is not good to own. I have faith in certain ones.. .I love Matsu's and now really like Tsutomu lures. I have a friend who has bought and sold a ton of different lures. He won't sell his Super Ninjas. I have seen them in action and can honestly say... I love my Matsu's, Tsutomu's, and Hawaiiseaslures better. Cheaper thats
  4. BuonaForTuna

    Bob You are in luck if you want some great quality lures for a very reasonable price because Garrett Lee lives in Honolulu Hi. And makes some Awesome stuff. I own alot of his lures and i recommend that you give them a shot here is the link to the website. You can also contact him here on BD under the SN (Tsutomu) Tsutomu Big Game Fishing Lures
  5. navyaircrew

    you can certainly make a super ninja head look like a Opelu, i think... i like em alot... Eric does a good job on em... non of mine have chips at all... even after plenty ono and marlins...
  6. gofish808

    Love the super ninjas.....almost always have one in my spread. If I catch an ahi on the troll 9 out of 10 times its on the ninja....but maybe thats cuz its always out? I have lost 2 of them so far and it sucks to see all that $$$ sink to the bottom of the ocean. Like Buona says, Tsutomu lures are damn good too. I got a few of them from him off of ebay for deals. His fishhead plunger got me my biggest marlin @ 500lbs...which was also the same day my son was born, so that lure is in semi-retirement (yea im guilty, I was fishing while my GF was in labor...mybad).
  7. CMonster01

    They work like other lures, but supposedly they are harder to destroy. I have no problem with running them. I routinely get pissed off when a resin head cracks to the point it can't run anymore, and I have not seen that happen to super ninjas yet. They come with a stopper and are already lined with line saver, so somewhat easier to rig.
  8. hb1111

    we use one that catches everything it never stays home and its all busted with marks a true performer
  9. marlinmike

    If you believe a lure head can outperform others than it is better. If you have no faith in it, then it is not good to own.
    this is the most powerfull statement in this whole thread!!!!
    big mike
  10. tsutomu

    I agree with RJ as well, you gotta pull the lures that give you the good vibes. Like mentioned the plus side of a super ninja is they catch fish and don't break. Thanks to you guys who are giving my stuff a try. I really appreciate it!
    I think matsu's and hawaiiansea lures make great stuff as well. Another lure maker that I think does some of the sickest fish heads is Odagiri but I don't hear him mentioned much when it comes to lures. Any thoughts on why?

    Jason, I would be stoked if I could get a picture of that marlin. If you're down I'll trade you for a replacement of that semi-retired lure.

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