Are Fuel Surcharges BS or Legit?

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by JBait, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. JBait

    Question. If the cost of diesel today was the same as the day you booked your long range trip and you were asked to pay a fuel surcharge for what was called "an alrming increase in fuel", what would you do?

    a) Deduct $$$ from crew tip just because you think it's BS.
    b) Pay it becasue it it what it is.

    Seems every time I jump on a long range trip, there is a fuel surcharge. I am paying it of course because I have no choice, the trip is next week. I guess that if we can afford the initial cost of the trip, whats another $100.00 bucks, right?
  2. spike

    check out the price at the pumps, if you think the price is that alarming stay home. The crew of the boats are not the ones increasing the price of fuel so why take it out of their gratuity.

    just my two cent surcharge, up your ass with a spiney bass
  3. wahoodad

    I recently got rid of my Ford Diesel, looks like in the nick of time. Sheesh, see the diesel prices?
    Why take it out of crew gratuity? They have to put fuel in their trucks too.
    It is what it is: when you see the prices rising at the pumps, know a fuel surcharge is coming. Save a little more, or don't go as much.
  4. fishkillerbill

    Bring out the popcorn and beer-this could be fun

    My 2 cents worth-fuel-insurance-docking fees-operating costs-bait- rise every year-the boat owners get screwed by the landing owners which takes profit away from them--the normal cure answer is -well then raise the price of the trip--fishing is starting to out price the average guy and gal.Look at the boats leaving with a lite load or cancelled trips.Charging a fuel sur charge along with fish cleaning and tip are a few ways the captain and crew can keep some of their hard earned money without sharing it with the already too rich landing owners.Pay up or stay home-jmo

  5. Keta

    Why short the crew for something caused by big oil's greed?
  6. branman

    Look at how much you will save by not driving your truck while fishing.. LOL
  7. Duffy

    It’s like the EPA charges we have to hit our customers up with for grinding hard chrome and the government regulated disposal and oversight therein.

    Are we simply supposed to eat it? If we fold it into the per piece price we charge - we get blamed for spiking negotiated pricing structures.

    What would you suggest we and the boat landing do with this extra cost?
  8. Kareem Korn

    I think his question was if the price has'nt changed from the time of the booking to the day of the trip. Is the surcharge still necessary? Has the fuel surcharge become something else the costumer has to pay along with the price of the ticket, galley, fish cleaning, tips, ect...Next there's going to be a surcharge on bait along with the actual price of the scoop.
  9. wahoodad

    Granted, he did state that in his first paragraph. Then he states in the 2nd that he gets charged every time he goes. So it's just a blanket complaint then, open for popcorn consumption :2gunsfiring_v1:

    And besides, unless we own a boat, buy as much fuel as they do, how do we know what they are paying per gallon?
  10. spike

    Most long range opperations have included a fuel surcharge to the price of their brochure. You must be alot more optimistic than I, personally I do not see the price of fuel changing.

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