April/May Venice Tuna Report

Discussion in 'Louisiana Fishing' started by deepsouthcharte, May 11, 2011.

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  1. deepsouthcharte

    I have not been able to post in the last couple of weeks but here is a quick report!

    The end of April looked like the tuna were out of town! I fished April 29th with Jim Rebel and crew and we covered 140 miles to have one yellowfin to show for it! Ended the day with a few amberjack and almacos to add to the box! Overall a tough day! Decided to bottom fish the next couple of days and had two back to back awesome trips! Plenty of Amberjack, Mangrove snapper, Triggerfish and Almaco Jacks to go around!

    After canceling a few trips due to wind Capt Gray and I both were able to fish Friday and Saturday! The weather man said 1-2 both days, we were pumped just to find sloppy seas both days! We were still able to find some nice fish with most of our catch being 60-90 pound fish! We didnt catch 20 fish each day - a little bad luck and pulling hooks here and there, I would have like to have had more but we were happy to see these big tuna! Most days we had 4-5 fish each! Some days we were able to pile nice amberjack on top of that! We caught and released several huge red snapper! June 1st snapper season will be open!

    I was all set to go to Venice today and fish the next couple of days but my crew for Thursday and Friday will not be able to get away from work! Told them they need to make time to fish, this is important stuff!

    If someone wants to fish Friday, I may still be in Venice, just give me a call! Other than that I will see you all when I get back from my honeymoon! Try to leave a few fish for me! Be safe!!

    Capt Josh Howard

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  2. Ali Admin

    No shame in that game.

    Good chit.
  3. Crazy Ivan

    Nice tuna!!!!!!!!!