April 2011 Avet Reel Photo Contest

Discussion in 'Contests' started by Marcus, Apr 12, 2011.

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  1. Marcus

    This Month's Avet Reel is a ?

    Rules of the contest...
    Post pictures of a fish you caught this month after 4/1/11 using an Avet reel. Ending 4/30/11.

    The reel has to be in the picture!!!!!!
    We have final say.


    If you have any questions about the rules see the Avet Contest Rules Thread (Avet Contest Rules)

    Format of entering contest.

    Location of fish caught:
    Gear used:
    Give us a little fishing report with it! Sarkis and Harry love to read the stories...

    We may revise the rules as we go.
    All pictures become property of Bloodydecks.LLC and Avet Reels to be used in promotional ads or artwork. Submitted photo must be of a member of Bloodydecks.com. Winners may not enter again within 6 months of last winning. The winner must submit the full size picture to Bloodydecks LLC before the reel is shipped.
    Start fishing!
  2. avetlord123

    name:Isaac Sachi
    Location of fish caught: hillsboro spillway, florida
    gear used: avet lx with 25lb mono with 40lb fluro leader, avet mxl with 25lb mono with 40lb leader, and my favorite an avet sx with 15lb mono with 30lb fluro leader. All reels were equipped with star delux 8ft rods.
    Date: 4/6/11

    My friend Kris and I decided to go fishin. We got at our destination at about noon and set up our gear. once we got everything set up, I dropped a little earthworm on the freshwater side and after about a minute i caught a little brim and immediatly put it on my LX and dropped it under the bridge. After about 10 seconds while I'm on freespool I just feel this thump and i put the reel in lock and set the hook. The fish gave a great fight but stood no chance against my avet. I flipped the fish over the bridge, measured it, and threw it back in. The fish came in at about 36-37 inches. About 5 minutes later, my friend gets a bait and puts it on his sx and dropped it down and also got thumped. he flips the fish over and its a solid 27-28 inch fish. Didnt give him much of a fight though. About an hour later, my friend catches a little cichlid and drops it down but puts it in clicker while I am trying to get a bait. the second I set the hook on a bait his rod starts screaming. he puts the reel in lock,and the fish takes the line under the bridge and out the other way. I get my bait down on my avet and drop it quick. Like 2 seconds later, i set the hook on a nice fish while the fish that my friend hooked is peelin line off the reel. I decide to help my friend so i put my fish on freespool with the clicker. I set up a snag rig on his sx and snagged his line from the other side, wrap the line around my hand and cut the line. My friend comes quick and ties a quick uni and its game on. We brought the fish to the rocks and I went down and grabbed it for him. This fish was a tank! Then I ran back to my rod to fight the fish. I quickly flip my fish over and its a good 28 inches. we measured his fish and its 41 INCHES!! we quickly released the fish. Had a great day!
  3. saltwaterfish

    My son just turned 5 a couple months ago. Been working on my wife to allow me to take him on a 1/2 day boat. We finally made it out of Marina Del Rey (New Del Mar) last weekend. These two rock fish were the first ocean fish he had ever caught. He has caught plenty of freshwater fish the last couple years.

    Had a ton of fun, but it was pretty stressful allowing my son to hold the rod and reel. As far as conventional reels, I only have Avet Raptor. For this trip, I brought the sx raptor (over kill - but size wise very useful). I was planning on being allowed to hold my hand on top of the rod to push against the rail while my son held the rod and reeled in the fish. He wasn't having it, - "dad, get your hand off the pole - several times!" Ultimately, I stepped back (few inches) and was ready to grab the pole any second. Luckily, he too had a death grip on the pole and reeled up the fish all by himself each time without any close calls. If Riley's picture is chosen - the reel won will be his to use on our the future trips..

    Name - Riley S.
    Location - Couple miles out from Marina Del Rey
    Gear - Calstar 700L and Green SX Raptor - (Love the reel)
    Date 4-09-11

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  4. saltwaterfish

    first two fish caught during trip.

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  5. kingfish15

    Playa Del Carmen
    Avet JX MC
    P-line tuna feather 50 lb spectra

    Caught a bunch of Bonita on my new reel, got it at the Fred Hall, love it. Used the bonita to catch a sailfish and amberjacks and a grouper over 100lb.

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  6. kingfish15

    Forgot the date ^^^ April 5th 2011 ^^^
  7. Boiler Maker

    Name: Jerry Laszczak
    Location of fish caught: Coronado Island Middle Grounds
    Gear used: Avet SX 5.3R with 20# ande, 8 foot Calstar
    Date: 4/16/11

    Fishing with Max on the @-EZ. We started down at the rockpile looking for yellowtail. Not much was going on so and the wind picked up so we headed up to the Coronado Islands to fish. Wind was still blowing 15+ knots so the drift was too fast and we couldn't stay on the bottom with 12oz sinkers. Our "Fun Meters" were just about pegged out when I drop down a sardine in 50 feet of water. Within 30 seconds the fish was on. At first I thought it was a big ling stuck in the rocks since we never caught a halibut in the area before. After a short struggle I get her up to the surface and yell to Max to get the gaff. He grabs the net and gets her in on the first pass. She wieghed in at just under 22# and was 36 inches long. My second best halibut ever!

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  8. @-EZ

    And it's a tasty rascal as well... :D
  9. wkk

    Name: Will Kim
    Location: Coronado Islands south of San Diego, CA
    Gear: Avet MXL 2-speed, 65 lb power pro topped with 40 lb pline, Tady yoyo iron, Seeker black steel 870
    Date: Saturday April 16, 2011

    Mid morning bite. The fished bottomed out my 35 lb scale. It wasn't the biggest on the boat but I hope it's a good sign for what we can expect this summer. There were several fish much larger than this landed today.
    Fished the 3/4 San Diego from Seaforth Landing. The fish were boiling in scattered schools from 8:30 am to noon. Lost the first fish on my HX due to line tangles. There were 47 anglers on the boat. Quickly switched over to the MXL with my other Tady Iron to land this yellow. It was a ncie fight and the drags were smooth. This reel can cast a mile which is a huge advantage when you're trying to avoid everyone else's line and get to the boiling fish.

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  10. Derfsondeck

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  11. Derfsondeck

    Woops Kinda screwed up I meant my MXL
  12. redfisher72

    Name: Wes Allen
    Location: St.Johns river/ Jacksonville Florida
    Gear: Avet MXL MC Camo edition, 65 lb power pro topped with 60 pounds Seaguar Fluro attached to a 6/0 owner circle hook. Whole blue crab for bait
    Date: Saturday April 3rd through april 5th

    Have been hammering the Big black drum the past week with the largest pushing 85 pounds. All fish were caught on my trusty Avet MXL MC. All fish were caught on strike setting, no need to crank up the drag.

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  13. Yaksquatch

    Holy crap those are some Big Uglies!!! Nice job!

  14. fishkiller1

    Name: Nathan Angus
    Location fish was caught: Outside the wall LBC
    Gear used: Avet SX, 20# ultra green, Custom seeker rod

    I had the day off work and decided to go out and give it a try for halibut today. Put the word out yesterday that I was looking for a boat ho for the day and got a call from Jordan (714aheim). He met me at my house at 5:30am and we were off. Launched out of Davies around 6:00am. We stopped and got some dines from Nacho and headed to a spot I normally try every time I go just because there is usually fish there. We fished that spot for an hour or so for nothing so it was time to move on. I decided to head to a spot my buddy turned me on to last week and it payed off. We ended up with 1 halibut that went 26", 2 short halibut, 2 sugar bass, 1 fat sculpin, 1 octopus, and the usual 10-12 lizard fish. All in all it was a good day. I have never fished with Jordan before but I have to say i was glad I asked him along. He payed for the launch, bait, 6 pack on the way home and washed the boat. The good news is the boat ran great, nothing broke, and we caught fish.

    Not a toad but will be great for dinner tonight.

  15. reelumin

    heres a few sharks i caught on my avet 80 wide...

    nothing crazy just had some fun!!!

    nice hammer head and a fat bullshark!!

    they were released to fight another day!!

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  16. islandboyalec

    Jewfish on the 9th and bullshark on the 24th both on a silver avet 50w trex
  17. LongVo

    Name:Reya Harden Cassidy
    Location of fish caught: In San Diego Bay
    Gear used: 25lb test Platinum Izorline with a blue in white tady 45 yoyo jig

    Caught this 32inch hali on a yoyo jig in the bay, Didn't think it was possible until I tried. Smeared some Cholula Hot Sauce on my jig dropped it down in 32 feet of water cranked in and there he was. Wasn't sure how good he was hooked so my buddy gaffed it.

  18. reelumin

    shes got my vote!!!!!
  19. Smudge

    April 2011
    Winner: Redfisher72
    Reel won: ??<!-- google_ad_section_end -->